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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

Originally Posted by Hassan_Descartes_AbdAllah View Post
By Team Pokemon:

This is precisely what I was getting at when I said what I said to Scubadiver. If you have faith in your religion, bring justification to why you think that religion is true. This should be the attitude of a truth seeker.

Although what Ive said above is from a religiously-unbiased POV, let me drop a line here from my own bias since we've gotten to that point: I have justification for my religion, so I have reason enough to believe it.
I can justify murder but that doesn't mean I can commit it. Point being, I believe in what I can see because there's nothing to justify and nothing to actually believe, there just is, period.

Where in my body is my soul located, also? Can someone tell me that please? Cuz my soul hurts when people blindly believe in fables and I'd like to try to medicate it. That said, most of the religious people here seem to have someway of backing themselves up, but to me personally it seems more like some convoluted story that everyone caters slightly to themselves as something to have faith in so they don't have to accept that there is absolutely nothing after death except possibly a dream that fades as our brain activity dies should we be so fortunate to not die from an instant cephalic fatality.

I'm generalizing; as I stated, many people here seem to be more educated in their own beliefs than the common church-going sheep.

I believe there is a purpose to life, and everyone has to find that purpose. And if you don't, I'm sorry, but you don't get a retry.
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