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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

I can justify murder but that doesn't mean I can commit it.
There must always be method to your madness ^_^

On a serious note, what Im trying to say is that justification is not valid. In other words, Id say the reasoning behind that justification is not sound.

Point being, I believe in what I can see because there's nothing to justify and nothing to actually believe, there just is, period.
Believing in empirical evidence and Science is praiseworthy, no doubt about that. The problem is when people make science overstep its authority. Just because something is not empirical doesnt necessarily mean it doesnt exist. Take for example the Higgs particle, which is a necessary component of the Big Bang Theory. This particle hasnt yet been discovered, in other words, empirical evidence for its existence hasnt been found. That doesnt mean we have to discard the whole theory. Because the theory comes as a package deal, just because one component isnt sound (not that its false, just not proven yet) we cannot really say the whole theory is invalid, because it has proven its validity on other issues.

Same can(I said can, not must) apply in the case of religion. If a religion is proven to be true, then its intangible components or those concepts beyond the reach of empirical evidence (Angels for instance) are also pragmatic. Now that we've proven a certain religion (hypothetically), all that comes under its banner would be proven as true and/or pragmatic. An excuse of intangibility would not hold water.

Where in my body is my soul located, also? Can someone tell me that please?
Answered above.

Cuz my soul hurts when people blindly believe in fables and I'd like to try to medicate it. That said, most of the religious people here seem to have someway of backing themselves up, but to me personally it seems more like some convoluted story that everyone caters slightly to themselves as something to have faith in so they don't have to accept that there is absolutely nothing after death except possibly a dream that fades as our brain activity dies should we be so fortunate to not die from an instant cephalic fatality.
Thats just one small fraction of the whole bag of complexity thats intrinsic to the theistic Mindset. Each believer (I didnt say theist, but believer. Atheists are believers too, quite often) has his own reason and/or motivation to choose what he believes. So such generalizations of yours do not really measure up to intellectual justification demand. ^_^

I'm generalizing;
That you are; and the generalization is unfair.

I believe there is a purpose to life, and everyone has to find that purpose. And if you don't, I'm sorry, but you don't get a retry.
Thats the whole point. So the issue of rational justification again comes into play.

P.S. your view seems to elluding me. On one hand you are reprimanding the theistic mindset (or what u believe to be the theistic mindset) and on the other you are saying that theres a purpose to life, one that needs to be sought out. Whats your personal view on the matter?
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