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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Part 1 of Chapter 8 is here. Man, I think this one is going to be long...

NOTE: Now we have to go to Resort Desert! I HOPE you know where this area is located on Route 4, xD! When you make it to Resort Desert, head over to the Ruins(Ancient Castle) that are surrounded by dormant Hihidarumas. You can now pass by the Miner(Remember to WALK past Sand Holes) that told you couldn’t go downstairs.
Ancient Castle
Meguroko, Warubiru[Lv. 34-37], Desukan[Lv. 34-37]

Floor 2
Pokemon Trainer
Plasma Grunt
Miruhog[Lv. 34], Warubiru[Lv. 34], Warubiru[Lv. 34]

Floor 3
Pokemon Trainer
Plasma Grunt
Zuruggu[Lv. 35], Miruhog[Lv. 35]

Plasma Grunt
Dasutodasu[Lv. 36]

Max Potion, Shadow Ball[TM 30]

Floor 4
Plasma Grunt
Warubiru[Lv. 36]

Plasma Grunt
Reparudasu[Lv. 34], Yabukuron[Lv. 34], Yabukuron[Lv. 34]

Revive, PP Up

Floor 5
Plasma Grunt
Miruhog[Lv. 35], Zuruggu[Lv. 35]

Plasma Grunt
Yabukuron[Lv. 35], Reparudasu[Lv. 35]

Floor 6
Plot Details

NOTE: When you return for the surface, now you need to go to Shippou City Museum.
Shippou City
Aloe gives you the Dawn/Dusk Stone(NOT evo item; plot item for Reshiram/Zekrom). After discussion, we can now progress onto Souryuu City! Time to head back to Sekka City go to Route 8. You need surf to progress through Route 8.
Route 8
EVENT Battle

Maggyo[Lv. 31-34], Gamagaru[Lv. 31-34], Chobomaki[Lv. 31-34]

Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Ranger Akito
Kumashun[Lv. 34], Gamagaru[Lv. 34], Marakacchi[Lv. 34]
-Pecha Berry

Parasol Lady Kunimi
Pururiru[Lv. 34], Koaruhii[Lv. 34]
NOTE: Continue right instead of going down. It takes you to Sekka Wetlands(Search for [SW] to skip there).
-Pecha Berry

Pokemon Ranger Annie
Chillachino[Lv. 36]

Fisherman Tomohiro
Basurao[Lv. 34], Basurao[Lv. 34]

Parasol Lady Miyuki
Mamanbou[Lv. 35]

Poison Barb, Sludge Bomb[TM 36], Full Heal, Ultra Ball, Facade(TM 42), Cold Rock

NOTE: Make sure you talk to the Parasol Lady to get Facade. If you talk to the last Parasol Lady, she will give you a Cold Rock. Bell will battle you at the end of the Route.
EVENT Battle
Muurando[Lv. 38], Musharna[Lv. 38], Yanakki/Baokki/Hiyakki[Lv. 38], Jaroda/Enboar/Daikenki[Lv. 40]
-Gives you a Full Restore
Sekka Wetlands[SW]
EVENT Battle

Chobomaki[Lv. 30-33], Gamagaru[Lv. 30-33], Maggyo[Lv. 30-33]

Pokemon Trainers
Fisherman Toshiyuki
Basurao[Lv. 34], Maggyo[Lv. 34]

Pokemon Ranger Midori
Emonga[Lv. 34], Mamanbou[Lv. 34], Marakacchi[Lv. 34]
-Sitrus berry

Pokemon Ranger Harry
Vaniricchi[Lv. 35], Onondo[Lv. 35]
-Sitrus Berry

Parasol Lady Kanako
Pururiru[Lv. 34], Pururiru[Lv. 34]

Revive, Max Potion, Elixer, Ultra Ball,

NOTE: I went to the right end first. Then I when the north end. Then I went the left end that has the Boulder blocking the path(Strength).
Cylinder Bridge

Nitro Charge(TM 43)

NOTE: Try to speak to the lady that is running around in circles. She will give you Nitro Charge.
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