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Default Re: DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread!

Ok. I need some help.

My friend is going to give me a DS for $25. If i do, my mom is gona go all berzerk and say: "WELL I NEED TO TALK TO HIS MOM CAUSE SHE BOUGHT THAT FOR HIM AND HEAS GONA TRADE IT?!" So if i do buy it, i need the ultamite story to get my mom to not get mad at me.

Ok now for part 2.

When i get the DS and tell my mom about it; You already know im gettin a pokemon game, but i dont know what to get. Its either Pokemon Platinum, or Pokemon Soul Silver. I want to get Platinum so i can migrate my ultamite party over. but i wana get soul silver cause, its freaking awesome and that i wana be one of the people who trades Arceus over and get that whole big event. But i can only get one. (Im going to buy it).

So I need help making a decition on buyng which game and coming up with a good story to get past my mom!
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