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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Here's Chapter 8 part 2 guys. It's bascially a LOT of exploring. To get some important items. TMs that you could now obtain from areas and such. Oh and a spoiler or two, xD. Now this is awesome! I just caught an Impish Nature Terakion, XD!! Part 3 is also up now guys. This part was HARD, and frustrating, and I kept it the best as possible straight for people. Any item that you see in Victory road that I skipped, it is because it was a WASTE OF TIME and will frustrate you just to get something that you have so many of(such as an Ultra Ball) and then to get back up to the floor you were on, XD! Chapter 9 is coming soon...

Route 9
Komatana[Lv. 31-34], Chillarmy[Lv. 31-34], Daburan[Lv. 31-34], Dasutodasu[Lv. 31-34], Reparudasu[Lv. 31-34]

Pokemon Trainer
Biker Phillip
Warubiru[Lv. 36], Zuruggu[Lv. 36]

Skinhead Ryuji
Warubiru[Lv. 36], Dasutodasu[Lv. 36]

Biker & Skinhead
Zuruggu[Lv. 37] & Zuruggu[Lv. 37]
NOTE: After this enter building towards the north. It’s a shopping center[SCA9]

Biker Kyouji
Komatana[Lv. 37]

Skinhead Eikichi
Zuruggu[Lv. 37]

Fling(TM 56), PP Up Max, Full Restore,
Shopping Center All 9[SCA9]
Purchasable TMs
Hyper Beam(TM 15), Giga Impact(TM 68)

Pokemon Trainer
Waitress Misato
Chillarmy[Lv. 36], Doredia[Lv. 36]

Rich Boy Yoshihiko
Reparudasu[Lv. 36]

Lady Kimiko
Muurando[Lv. 36]

Waiter Terumi
Chillarmy[Lv. 36], Ranpuraa[Lv. 36]

PP Up, Thunder Stone
Souryuu City

Destiny Knot, Pumice Stone, Aiming Mark,

NOTE: There is a Building that does Rotation/Triple Battles. Nothing else to do, I guess we can do a bit of exploring for now! Unless you want to face the gym leader now, xD!
Route 6: Has Poison Jab(TM 84): need surf to reach it.

Fukiyose City: Anytime after you beat the 6th gym leader. Go in one of the homes and talk to the orange-clothed boy. Then go outside to the Runway and you can find Aerial Ace(TM 40).

Ridge(Winter; you have to change the month to one of the “winter” just go into August): There’s snow that builds a hill to various places on the Cliffside. You want to go to the one on the Upper Right side. We’re here to get Substitute(TM 90). There's also another smaller hill that leads to another opening that can get you the item Metal Coat.
Pokemon Trainer
Elite Trainer Yuki
Warubiru[Lv. 35], Gigear[Lv. 35], Gamagaru[Lv. 35]

Underground Water Viel: Has Focus Blast(TM 52) and Ankle Sweep(TM 47): need surf/flash to reach to reach them. Of course, there are other items in here, but nothing you never got before.
Pokemon Trainer
Black Belt Toushi
Zuruggu[Lv. 34], Nageki[Lv. 34], Dageki[Lv. 34]

Karate Girl Misuzu
Dotekkotsu[Lv. 35], Dageki[Lv. 35]

Karate Girl Shao
Dotekkotsu[Lv. 35], Nageki[Lv. 35]

NOTE: Focus Blast is at the north end of the Underground Water Viel, and Ankle Sweep is at the Lower Right end of the Underground Water Viel. It can be EASILY missed, XD.

Once you’ve seen 30/60/100 pokemon talk to Professor Araragi to get False Swipe(TM 54)/Protect(TM /Hidden Power(TM 10)
Route 16

NOTE: I know, I know. We’ve been here already. But now we can go on to another area. This time, we’re going to push in that boulder to get a TM!

Pokemon Trainers
Backpacker May
Kurumayu[Lv. 23]

Payback(TM 66)
Route 17/18/P2

Pururiru[Lv. 6-15], Mamanbou[Lv. 9-12](from Blue Bubbles only), Tabunne[Lv. 30](Shaking grass only), Ishizumai[Lv. 28-31], Zuruggu[Lv. 28-31], Nageki[Lv. 28-31]

Fisherman Tatsuhiko
Basurao[Lv. 34], Basurao[Lv. 34]

Swimmer Reika
Mamanbou[Lv. 35]

Swimmer Eitarou
Basurao[Lv. 32], Basurao[Lv. 32], Basurao[Lv. 32], Basurao[Lv. 32]

Hiker Kensuke
Dantoru[Lv. 34], Iwapress[Lv. 34]

Backpacker Kumiko
Emonga[Lv. 35]

Backpacker Hirofumi
Erufuun[Lv. 35]

Veteran Trainer Genya
Basurao[Lv. 35], Hihidaruma[Lv. 36], Yanakki[Lv. 35]

Scientist Yasuo
Dasutodasu[Lv. 35]

Swimmer Youhei
Pururiru[Lv. 34], Hiyakki[Lv. 34]

Swimmer Yuuko
Koaruhii[Lv. 34], Pururiru[Lv. 34]

Karate Girl Kyouko
Zuruggu[Lv. 35], Dotekkotsu[Lv. 35]

Toxic(TM 06), DeepSeaFang, Egg, PP Max, Waterfall(HM 05), Dragon Fang, Dubious Disk, Thunderbolt(TM 24), Heart Scale, Telekinesis(TM 19)

NOTE: Ugh…Don’t judge me, this place was confusing, XD. It changed route location like…everywhere! You need Surf/Strength to progress through this place. When you see the 3 different tides, choose the middle one, you’ll see an item(Dragon Fang), that you can get once you regain control again. House has someone to heal your party. Pokemon Ranger will give you an egg(I believe it to be the Fire/Bug pokemon), head south first before going downstairs to your left. Once you hit downstairs, you should see a narrow path of grass and at the end is an item. That is the HM, waterfall. Before you go up, go towards the right to strength the next boulder. You’ll face a backpacker there, and you’ll find Dragon Fang. You’ll find a dubious disk in a small abandoned lab. Near the scientist you will find Thunderbolt(TM 24)
Fukiyose Cave

Gantoru[Lv. 28-31], Kibago[Lv. 28-31], Koromori[Lv. 28-31]

Pokemon Trainer
Hiker Takafumi
Moguryu[Lv. 33], Dotekkotsu[Lv. 33]

Hiker Taka’aki
Gantoru[Lv. 34]

Hyper Potion, Repel


Hard Stone, Rock Slide(TM 80), Iron,

Plot: Old Man talking about the Muskateer/Horse Trio. Perhaps they’ve awakened? SPOILER: Kobaruon Lv. 42 is in this cave! Capturing or Defeating(I hope so, XD) will awaken the others(Tirakion in Victory Road, can't get him yet. Bijirion. I guess I should go get her...)

Dusk Stone,

NOTE: Need a pokemon with Surf to get to the cave need pokemon w/Flash/Strength to go through the cave
Deep Yaguruma Forest
Okay, there from the entrance, go north. You will see a narrow path that leads to the right. If you were here earlier, you would’ve seen a man blocking the path. It’s now accessable.

Solar Beam(TM 22),

NOTE: Solar Beam(TM 22) is found in the lower right side of this new area. You’ll see the forest has another entrance. This one is to Birijion. The second of the noble trio. It’s also on Lv. 42.

Chapter 8 Part 3. Souryuu Gym and Victory Road
Souryuu City Gym

EVENT Battle

Pokemon Trainer
Elite Trainer Yuji
Onondo[Lv. 41]

Elite trainer Madoka
Monozu[Lv. 41]

Elite Trainer Eiji
Onondo[Lv. 40], Onondo[Lv. 40]

Elite Trainer Clair
Onondo[Lv. 41]

Veteran Trainer Yugo
Kurimugan[Lv. 42]

Elite Trainer Kent
Monozu[Lv. 39], Kurimugan[Lv. 39], Onondo[Lv. 39]

Elite Trainer Yuka
Monozu[Lv. 40], Kurimugan[Lv. 40]

Veteran Trainer Kim
Onondo[Lv. 40], Onondo[Lv. 41]
EVENT Battle
Onondo[Lv. 41], Kurimugan[Lv. 41], Ononokusu[Lv. 43]

Recommended Level: Really, haha at this point, I was overpowered from all the exploring I did. Actually, I was overpowered before then, XD. But for those of you that like to level like 20 pokemon at once, I suggest at least Lv. 45(My pokemon were on Lv. 48, XD).

NOTE: I really don’t have a tip for this gym as it was done before it even got started, XD.

Receives: Legend Badge and Dragon Tail(TM 82)
NOTE: When you leave, Araragi meets you and give you Master Ball. She also points you in the direction to Victory Road. We have to pass through Route 10 to get there. Head towards the gateway. But when you progress, the reception lady stops you to tell you something is going on with the Live Caster and we have to go to Route 7. Go to the house on Route 7. The lady is telling some story about the Djinns, I didn’t care to pay attention. Suddenly your version exclusive Djinn awakens. On pokemon Black it is Torunerosu(Pure Flying), and on Pokemon White it is Borutorosu(Electric/Flying). When you exit the route, it is either very windy or it is thunder storming, depending on your version. It is now roaming throughout the Isshu Region(Even though the Djinn is now entered into your pokedex, you don’t know location instantaneously unfortunately like in HG/SS. It’s unknown until you spot it in the wild). So now we can go onto Route 10.
Route 10
EVENT Battle
Tamagetake[Lv. 30]
Tamagetake[Lv. 30]
Morobareru[Lv. 40]
Morobareru[Lv. 40]

Tamagetake[Lv. 32-40], Baffron[Lv. 32-40], Haaderia[Lv. 32-40] Baruchai(Black)/Washibon(White)[Lv. 32-36] Dageki[Lv. 32-35], Nageki[Lv. 32-35], Emonga[Lv. 32-35](Shaking Grass only), Tabunne[Lv. 32-35][Shaking Grass only], Muurando[Lv. 32-35], Morobareru[Lv. 33-40]

Pokemon Trainers
Karate Girl Amy
Zuruzukin[Lv. 39], Kojofu[Lv. 39]

Elite Trainer Yohan
Onondo[Lv. 39], Agirudaa[Lv. 39], Shibibiiru[Lv. 39]

Veteran Trainer Kiyomi
Marakacchi[Lv. 39], Fridgio[Lv. 40], Mamanbou[Lv. 39]

Black Belt Tsuyoshi
Dageki[Lv. 40]

Hiker Katsuhiro
Dotekkotsu[Lv. 38], Gantoru[Lv. 38]

Elite Trainer Asami
Mebukijika[Lv. 40], Burungeru[Lv. 40]

Veteran Trainer Chester
Tsunbear[Lv. 39], Shubarugo[Lv. 40], Gamageroge[Lv. 39]

Full Heal, Hyper Potion, Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Roar(TM 05), Full Restore,
EVENT Battle
Kenhorou[Lv. 43], Reparudasu[Lv. 43], Yanakki/Baokki/Hiyakkki[Lv. 43], Jaroda/Enboar/Daikenki[Lv. 45]

NOTE: Kenhorou is sort of annoying. Of all the monkeys, I think Hiyakki is the most annoying. It has Boiling Water! It hurts! And that occasional burn isn’t anything to laugh about either, XD! But Baokki really has some power behind its Fire Blast so watch out for that.
NOTE: You receive a Max Revive from Bell, and Cheren heals your pokemon after fighting him. Now after facing Cheren, you should see a narrow grass path that goes north. Go through that route, as it makes you circle around and you can get the TM Roar.
Victory Road
EVENT Battle

Iant[Lv. 37-40], Gantoru[Lv. 37-40], Koromori[Lv. 37-40]

Floor 1
Max Revive

Floor 2
Pokemon Trainer
Elite Trainer Sayaka
Erufuun[Lv. 45], Zebraika[Lv. 45]

Floor 3
Rare Candy

Floor 4
-The outside leads to falling back to Outside 1.

Floor 5
Pokemon Trainer
Elite Trainer Keigo
Muurando[Lv. 45], Pendoraa[Lv. 45]

Floor 6a(middle choice from Outside 2)
Pokemon Trainer
Veteran Trainer Chisato
Oobemu[Lv. 44], Kuitaran[Lv. 44], Doredia[Lv. 45]
-Going Downstairs leads to Floor 2, where the boulder/hole was blocking the path to go up; go ahead and put it back together.

Floor 6b(Left Choice from Outside 2)
Black Belt Rikiya
Zuruzukin[Lv. 43], Kojofu[Lv. 43], Roobushin[Lv. 43]
-Going Upstairs from here leads to a Doctor! I wish I known that before I healed everyone, but you wouls still need to battle him.

Floor 7a
Elite Trainer Asuka
Yanakki[Lv. 44], Baokki[Lv. 44], Hiyakki[Lv. 44]
-Stops here and leads to Outside. No floor for this outside since there’s only an item out this part.

Floor 7b
Doctor Teruyuki
Gochimiru[Lv. 43], Hahakomori[Lv. 43]
-Leads to Floor 8!

Floor 8
-Leads to Outside 3 and to Floor 9

Floor 9
Pokemon Trainer
Elite Trainer David
Gigear[Lv. 44], Hihidaruma[Lv. 44], Gamageroge[Lv. 44]
-Leads to Outside 4a and 4b.
-When you get back here by Floor 11. You now have access to getting Terakion. The last trio pokemon(Lv. 42). Good Luck!

Floor 10
Veteran Trainer Tatsuma
Gigiasu[Lv. 45], Shibirudon[Lv. 46]
-Leads to Floor 11

Floor 11
-Leads back down to Floor 9 or to Outside 5.

Kuitaran[Lv. 37-40], Onondo[Lv. 37-40], Baruchai(Black)/Washibon(White)[Lv. 37-40]

Outside 1

Outside 2
Taunt(TM 12)
NOTE: you have to go right and fall down to get Taunt. Yes, you have to go back up through the floors again, XD.

Outside 3
Ultra Ball
-You better get your @ss back on Floor 8 and ignore trying to get this Ultra Ball or else you have to go through the floors again, XD! You have to go ALL The way back down to get this.

Outside 4a(Left side)
Full Heal
-Dead end.

Outside 4b(right side)
-Choose the right side of ledge to fall down or else you’ll end up going back to floor 6.

Outside 5
Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Ranger
Yes! Freedom! We can now go to the Pokemon League! :D
We are going to fall down on the left side before we head to the pokemon league. Now there are 2 lefts sides. The first left side is on the left of the Pokemon Ranger. Falling there will get you the move Wild Bolt(TM 93). Falling down to the right side of the Pokemon Ranger will lead to to get an item. And then a secret part of the cave. It will lead you to get Dragon Claw(TM 02). But of course that means you have to go back up, XD.
LMSSI Clan Shop
Diamond FC: 1763 3039 2213[Kanto/Johto Trade] Heart Gold FC: 3266 8515 4365[N/A] Soul Silver FC: 5285 7922 5054[Hoenn/Sinnoh Trade/Battle]
Platinum FC: 3953 9424 1944[OU Battle] PBR FC: 2536-2876-2971 Pokemon White JPN FC: 3224 1436 6447

Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

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