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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Originally Posted by Skippy the Great View Post
Unfortunately, that only works with XD: Gale of Darkness Pokes.
It worked when I transfered over Clefairies from Emerald to get Magic Guard, XD. But back then Clefairy only had one ability, XD.

Here goes Chapter 9 part 1. I was hoping to get the last sage in here, but... That will have to wait until I level up more, XD.

NOTE: After beating the E4 and the final bosses. You return home. Of course, the Platinum Detective returned, and this time heís taking some criminals to the pent. He asks us to find all the 6(what happened to the 7th one?) Sages of Team Plasma. And thatís what this chapter is going to cover.
When you leave Araragiís husband comes to give you the National Dex(this doesnít mean that you have more boxes yet. I believe you need to see all 156 first in order to get that.)
Also: Bell is going to stay home at Konoko Town to help out Professor Araragi. Occasionally, you can battle her in Prof. Araragiís office. Cheren is heading to Route 5, I guess to evaluate himself as a trainer. When you meet him there, he will talk about being on the last floor of victory road training. Occasionally you will see him there ready to battle you.
Route 18
Heís near the area where you obtained Waterfall(HM 05). He gives you Double-Team(TM 32)
Abandoned Lot of Dreams(hidden area!)
NOTE: Do you remember the traffic cone that seemed to block an area that lead to an underground entrance? Itís now open! The next Sage is hiding amongst this place. To warn you ahead of time, suddenly trainers have a MASSIVE boost, they donít play(as if they ever did, XD). Thankfully, our pokemon can still take them even though they suddenly jumped at least 10 levels.

Pokemon Trainers
Scientist Gakuji
Drowzee[Lv. 63], Hypno[Lv. 63], Musharna[Lv. 63]

Researcher Chan
Poliwhirl[Lv. 63], Musharna[Lv. 63], Parasect[Lv. 63]

Psychic Nozomu
Beldum[Lv. 63], Metang[Lv. 63], Rankurusu[Lv. 63], Oobemu[Lv. 63]

Researcher Saeko
Jigglypuff[Lv. 64], Musharna[Lv. 64]

Psychic Mirai
Natu[Lv. 64], Bannette[Lv. 64], Xatu[Lv. 64]

Scientist Shinpei
Musharna[Lv. 64], Stantler[Lv. 64]

Psychic Tatsumai
Starmie[Lv. 65], Wobbuffet[Lv. 65]

Twisted Spoon

NOTE: Sage is out here. He gives you Swords Dance. Keep heading left and you can go downstairs. Going back down will get you Dream Eater(TM 85). I believe the grass area where you picked up Dream Eater is where the special(Dream World) Musharna appears at Lv. 50. I will confirm that eventually.
Ancient Castle
NOTE: @ entrance, Professor Araragi tells you that the Darumas that are dormant near the entrance can now be awakened. These Darumas(Like the Musharna in Abandoned Lot of Dreams) is special. It also has itís Dream World Ability.
Now, first head back down to the bottom level where thereís nothing but sand. You should see that the molding of the sand has changed on the bottom level to form a hill towards the upper-right that leads to a door. When you enter there, you should see a Plasma Grunt. At first it attempts to run, but then it decides to battle.
Plasma Grunt
Warubiaru[Lv. 64]
To get Earthquake(TM 26), just keep heading left until you reach the end where you have to go up a LOT of stairs(and pointless floors, xD). It will lead you to Earthquake, but go back ALL the way down when you finish, XD. We still didnít get the Sage. This area is similar to Turnback Cave(youíll know what I mean when you get here, XD). Itís very confusing, so youíll have to make it around here on your own. When you find the Sage, heíll give you Calm Mind(TM 04), and that door he was blocking leads to a Lv. 70 Urugamoth. It really isnít required to get it if you obtained the egg from the Pokemon Ranger on Route 18 earlier(evolve the darn thing!)
Freezer Container
The 4th sage is at the same spot they were in, when we first encountered him in this area. He gives you Claw Sharpen(TM 01).
Electric Rock Cave
After this sage, just one to go! Heís located where Shishibiru can only be found in this cave(I hope you remember this, it isnít too hard. The area is sort of small with only 2 female Elite Trainers). When you do find him, you have to do a back to back battle against 2 plasma grunts.
Plasma Grunt
Miruhog[Lv. 63], Zuruzukin[Lv. 63]

Plasma Grunt
Reparudasu[Lv. 62], Dasutodasu[Lv. 62], Reparudasu[Lv. 62]
-This sage gives you Rock Polish(TM 69

NOTE: We wonít be able to get the last sage just yet until we make it to Black City/White Forest. So now we have to venture on the other side now, .
Route 11

Baruchai/Washibon[Lv. 47-60], Kirikizan[Lv. 47-60], Komatana[Lv. 47-60], Merobareru[Lv. 47-60], Kaburumo[Lv. 47-60], Emonga[Lv. 47-60](Shaking Grass only), Tabunne[Lv. 47-60](Shaking Grass only)

Pokemon Trainers
Backpacker Takao
Croagunk[Lv. 65]

Pokemon Ranger Yurika
Rapidash[Lv. 64], Cacturne[Lv. 64], Mantine[Lv. 64]
-Leppa Berry

Backpacker Komaki
Snover[Lv. 65]

Pokemon Ranger Yuta
Dewgong[Lv. 64], Pinsir[Lv. 64], Pelipper[Lv. 64]

Hyper Potion, Overheat(TM 50), Protector
NOTE:You need a pokemon with Waterfall to get access to places above and below. Overheat is on the right side of the waterfall above. And down below, you can find a Protector for Rhydons. Itís a short route, but has its highs and lows. Iím only going to list new pokemon only as the list for old gen pokemon added to the routes now will make this hectic, XD!
Village Bridge

A lot[Lv. 47-60]

Pokemon Trainer
Schoolgirl Mariko
Zubat[Lv. 60], Slugma[Lv. 60], Doduo[Lv. 60], Poochyena[Lv. 60], Nosepass[Lv. 60], Electrike[Lv. 60]

Researcher Chie
Morobareru[Lv. 62], Seviper[Lv. 62], Ekans[Lv. 62], Grimer[Lv. 62]

Bakery Yoshie
Combee[Lv. 64], UrsaringLv. 64]

Leftovers, Iron, Ultra Ball
Go down when you enter here. Youíll be on the lower right side of the bridge. You see like a trashcan. If you press A there, you will get Leftovers.
Route 12

A lot[Lv. 47-60]

Pokemon Trainer
Cheerleaders Haru & Chika
Kokoromori[Lv. 65] & Kokoromori[Lv. 65]

Pokemon Breeder Maiko
Shuppet[Lv. 61], Snowrunt[Lv. 61], Phanpy[Lv. 61], Skitty[Lv. 51], Cacnea[Lv. 61]
-Sitrus Berry

Schoolgirl Anne
Paras[Lv. 64], Wormadam[Lv. 64]

Schoolboy Jim
Weedle[Lv. 63], Kakuna[Lv. 63], Beedrill[Lv. 63]

Pokemon Breeder Takuji
Makuhita[Lv. 63], Riolu[Lv. 63], Tyogre[Lv. 63]
-Sitrus Berry

Full Heal, Energy Ball(TM 53), Max Revive
Kagome Town

NOTE: Thereís nothing in this town. Itís mainly just here as a checkpoint towards the direction we need to go. Well, Iím going to end here for part 1.
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Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

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