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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Chapter 9 part 2 is here...


Route 13

Pokemon Trainer
Lass Aki
Buneary[Lv. 63], Shroomish[Lv. 63], Snubbull[Lv. 63]

Youngster Takato
Nincada[Lv. 63], Mothim[Lv. 63], Metapod[Lv. 63]

Fisherman Morihide
Tentacool[Lv. 63], Qwilfish[Lv. 63], Tentacruel[Lv. 63]

Fisherman Koutarou
Magikarp[Lv. 60], Magikarp[Lv. 60], Magikarp[Lv. 60], Magikarp[Lv. 60], Magikarp[Lv. 60], Magikarp[Lv. 60]

Parasol Lady Hitoha
Surskit[Lv. 63], Goldeen[Lv. 63], Seaking[Lv. 63]

Fisherman Yasuto
Feebas[Lv. 63], Kingler[Lv. 63], Remoraid[Lv. 63]

Black Belt Tetsuji
Dageki[Lv. 65], Hitmonlee[Lv. 65]

Twins Anna & Lina
Plusle & Minun[Lv. 64]

Gentleman Yan
Farfetch’d[Lv. 64], Granbull[Lv. 64]

Madam Toshie
Kricketot[Lv. 64], Chingling[Lv. 64]

Razor Fang, Razor Claw, U-Turn(TM 89), DeepSeaScale, Clean Scale, Psychic(TM 29), Electirizer,
NOTE: The girl with the Wingull needs help to find 3 letters. The little bridge that she’s on, keep going south and you will get Razor Claw, and find the 1st letter. One is with a man down on the beach that is looking towards the cliff gives you a letter. Once you give her all 3 you will receive U-Turn(TM 89). Guy that looks like secuirity gives you Razor Fang. Parasol Lady gives you the last letter. You can surf to find a DeepSeaScale that is on shallow waters. Surfing towards the north leads to Giant Hall, but next to the stairs leading to that area has the item Clean Scale(new EVO item for Feebas, it allows it to evolve into Milotic). Stairs on south end, leads you to get Psychic(TM 29), but you need Strength to get to it. There’s a tree that you can cut down that get’s you Electirizer.
Giant Hall
WARNING: This is the area to get Kyurem[Lv. 75], so be prepared! I wasn’t, so I had to kill it off, xD. Pokemon in here jump even more, they’re around the 60s in grass area!
Giant Hall(Cave)
Star Piece(2x), Blue Star Piece

Giant Hall(Grass Area)
PP Max, Max Potion, Max Revive, Revive, Full Heal, Psycho Shock(TM 03), Ice Beam(13)

NOTE: This area has the bumps that you can jump, but can go back the other way, xD. They’re all over the place and it runs clockwise. So if you miss an item, you have to go back around. The stairs that lead up goes to Kyurem, but you can be forced to face Kyurem if you end up in the center where the pond is located. It suddenly flashes and you’re surrounded in nothing but snow and you only can go face Kyurem now.
Sazanami Town

Clean Scale, Dive(HM 06)

NOTE: Guy in PokeCenter will give you Clean Scale. Girl on Rocky area will give you Dive. Cynthia’s house is the first one. She WILL ask you to battle her, if you’re pokemon aren’t ready, do not attempt to play against her. This place is dead until you can get the townspeople back here. You do that by battling the schoolboy and someone better the next day will come, and so on.

Also: I am skipping the underwater ruins that are to the right of this town(have to surf to get there, and dive!). Reason why is because there isn’t really anything important to get there, except these expensive items that you can sell and cassette held items to help Genosect.
Route 14

Pokemon Trainer
Fisherman Ryousuke
Barboach[Lv. 62], Whiscash[Lv. 62], Corphish[Lv. 62], Carvanha[Lv. 62]

Black Belt Kenkichi
Primeape[Lv. 64], Zuruzukin[Lv. 64], Poliwrath[Lv. 64]

Packpacker Nodoka
Numel[Lv. 65]

Elite Trainer Shouko
Purugly[Lv. 68], Espeon[Lv. 68], Lapras[Lv. 68]

Hiker Nobukatsu
Hippopotas[Lv. 63], Piloswine[Lv. 63], Probopass[Lv. 63]

Elite Trainer Yuusuke
Absol[Lv. 68], Dodrio[Lv. 68], Walrein[Lv. 68]

Ultra Ball, Reaper Cloth, Bulk Up(TM 08)

NOTE: After beating Shouko, let’s surf to find 2 items around the grass areas, when you finish that. Waterfall up to the next level and you should see the last sage! He gives you Bulk Up(TM 08). Surf to left after after getting Bulk Up. You’ll see a Hiker you can battle. Go down the waterfall that is on the left of the Hiker. If you go right, you can fight one more Elite trainer. On the right side leads to Fertility Shrine
Fertility Shrine

Pokemon Trainers
Youngster Kouta
Caterpie[Lv. 61], Pineco[Lv. 61], Masquerain[Lv. 61], Pendora[Lv. 61], Spinarak[Lv. 61]

Lass Chise(found in right, looking in corner to herself…)
Horsea[Lv. 63], Ponyta[Lv. 63], Sunkern[Lv. 63]

Lass Maki
Burmy[Lv. 63], Tangela[Lv. 63], Mebukijika[Lv. 63]

Youngster Yasuhiro
Yanma[Lv. 63], Ladyba[Lv. 63], Ninjask[Lv. 63]

Flamethrower(TM 35), Hyper Potion, Rare Candy, Trick Room(TM 92)

You can get Flamethrower if you keep heading left. Rare Candy is in the corner of dark green grass. Trick Room can be obtained on the upper right area of this place. You have to surf through a pond that is near the thing that looks like a bird house, XD.
This is the area where you get the 3rd Djinn, Randorosu[Lv. 70]. But you need the other 2 Djinns, Torunerosu(Black Exclusive) and Boruterosu(White Exclusive) to get him.

You can now head to Black City/White Forest! This is a version exclusive thing so I don’t know what all you can do on Black City just yet. On White Forest, you can capture exclusive past gen pokemon. You can also use the Dowsing machine here every day to pick up some rare items. In one house, you can do a few Triple Battles!
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Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough