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Default Re: Origin of the universe?

Originally Posted by Hassan_Descartes_AbdAllah View Post
I dont think its irrelevant. I think thats the whole point of this thread. "What is the Reason for this Universe to exist?" thats how this thread started out. So we need to flush out the truth as to our purpose as human beings.
The question was a hypothetical and philisophical one. We have absolutely no way of knowing for certain why we're here unless the Powers that Be come into this plane of existence and tell us directly him/her/themselves.

No offense intended whatsoever, I only want you to clarify your stance, but I dont really understand what you are getting at here. Of course we need intellectual justification for our faith. Its not that there are multiple parallel threads of Truth stretched out for you and you can pick whichever one you want and that will give you not only intellectual security but also salvation. Its not like that. If you are not willing to give it the benefit of doubt, consider this: every single major system of fiaht in this world Jealously and Zealously claims that it is right and every other faith is wrong. In Christianity you get Salvation through the Blood of Jesus Christ. In Islaam on the other hand you get salvation by Submitting to One God, singling him out in worship and obeying his commands. These are contradictory terms. You cant say both Islaam and Christianity is true and we both have equal intellectual justification to believe what we believe. For if there is One God out there, there cannot be multiple, and most importantly, contradicting, ways that claim to lead to him. Ther must just be one Truth. And we need to flush out what that is by using the intellect God so Graciously gave us.

I agree with what you said about we cannot know God. However thats beside the issue here. The topic of discussion is not whether we can know God or not, its whether we can know what purpose God created us for or not. In other words, its not about knowing the exact nature of Truth, but about knowing, in fact, identifying, what the Truth is. If we dont agree on this, then that means the God out there is irresponsible and he leaves the decision of salvation open to conjecture. Heck, every weirdo on the street can come up to you or me and claim that hes a Prophet of God and that he commanded everyone to believe in him. Point being, religion is a matter of belief, but there must always be justification for our belief.

Copied from post#33 above:

Response to kokovo:

Faith requires justification, as discussed above.

The "disproven" religion might survive in the hearts and minds of people, but it would lose all its intellectual basis, and one can be blamed for choosing that religion. The term "faith" might seem innocent, but factors motivate this faith, positively and negatively. On a negative side, faith can be formed because of a feeling of attachment or bias, it can form out of brainwashing (by parents, etc), it can form even out of arrogance. These types of faiths are reprimandable. To give an example: When Jesus(peace be upon him) came with the miracles (assuming He did), the Jews had no intellectual objections against the faith He was preaching. they only rejected him out of biased bigotry and arrogance. So this type of faith is reprimandable.
Well then let me ask you a question. What proof is there for Islam? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Mohammad never actually did any miracles, nor was he actually divine in any way. He was just a man with a wife, a kid and a day job who claimed to hear an angel delivering revelation to him. Whether he was telling the truth or not, I don't know, but people believed him, not because he offered any proof but because they really liked what he was saying. There was no intellectual basis, and unless I'm very much wrong there still isn't. What evidence do you have that proves that there is no God but God and Mohammad is His prophet?
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