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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Originally Posted by Dark Shadow Lord View Post

This year we have to do what the other clans couldnt do, we have to reach 11-0..seems like a high bar but being around for 2 years and having the highest post count of any thread that was ever put on pe2k is not enough...We've also been the most of active clan for two years.
Hey DSL, how is it going? I finally completed the game!

I'm going to wait a little while before I restart the game and play it over though.

Chapter 9 Part 3

Route 15

Hiker Hirotaka
Hippowdon[Lv. 63], Gligar[Lv. 63], Onix[Lv. 63]

Pokemon Ranger Mamoru
Marowak[Lv. 65], Exeggutor[Lv. 65]
-Sitrus Berry

Karate Girl Natsumi
Meditite[Lv. 64], Hitmontop[Lv. 64], Medicham[Lv. 64]

Pokemon Ranger Sherrie
Altaria[Lv. 65], Abomasnow[Lv. 65]
-Sitrus Berry

Poke Club Akihiro
Gulpin[Lv. 62], Drifloon[Lv. 62], Spheal[Lv. 62], Swablu[Lv. 62]

Upgrade, Venom Shock(TM 09)

Both items are not accessible unless you fill the hole with the boulder(strength) to get to them. Scientist in trailer wants to see a Rotom. Nothing we can do with her for now. Letís head to Shift Factory.
Shift Factory

NOTE: Okay, this is the place where you can transfer 4th gen pokemon to the 5th gen game. Canít wait to do that later, . Thought that there wouldíve been more in here sorry guys, XD. Letís head over to Wonder Bridge
Wonder Bridge

NOTE: On gateway, there is an Elite Trainer there. If you talk to her, she will ask you if you want to have a Triple Battle(Black)/Rotation Battle(White). This is the only time where the game allows you to try the other new battle style.

Magikarp(buy for 500 yen)

Big Mushroom, Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb, Griseous Orb
NOTE: Girl with 4 Minezumis on bridge will do a little minigame where you have to identify the correct minezumi(they shuffle around). She gives you a Big Mushroom(nothing important), if you get it right. Plasma Ghouls appear and gives you the 4th gen legend items, thanking you for defeating Geechisu.
After this, weíve basically made a full circle throughout the whole Isshu region(b/c at the end of this, you end back up at Route 16, which leads to Raimon City, XD). Just one more place(bar underwater ruins) to visit! The Training Cave!
To get to Training Cave, fly to Souryuu City. Then on Route 9, do you remember the Fighter that was blocking the cave? He should allow you to pass now. Be sure to have Flash cause itís dark in there.
Training Cave


Pokemon Trainer
Backpacker Toru
Golbat[Lv. 65]

Floor 2

Pokemon Trainer
Elite Trainer Terry
Dratini[Lv. 63], Sudowoodo[Lv. 63], Manectric[Lv. 63], Scyther[Lv. 63]

Elite Trainer Megumi
Furret[Lv. 64], Gabite[Lv. 64], Grumpig[Lv. 64]

PP Up, Nugget

Floor 3

Veteran Trainer Tiger
Gyarados[Lv. 62], Gigiasu[Lv. 62], Snorlax[Lv. 63], Kurimugan[Lv. 62], Crobat[Lv. 62], Doryuuzu[Lv. 62]

Veteran Trainer Yuria
Wormadam[Lv. 64], Hahakomori[Lv. 65], Ninetales[Lv. 64], Cloyster[Lv. 64],

Timer Ball, Black Belt, Round Stone, Stone Edge(TM 71)
Up to this point you should have all TMs and HMs(Barring TMs from store or ones that you have to get from the Battle Subway). Thereís nothing else to do really other than level grind at LEAST to level 70 and prepare for the E4 second round. Around this time, I was Lv. 63, so I have quite a bit to go, XD.
Desukan[Lv. 71], Burungeru[Lv. 71], Froslass[Lv. 71], Goruugu[Lv. 71], Drifblim[Lv. 71], Shanderaa[Lv. 73]

NOTE: She added two new members to her team. Her Froslass will keep using Blizzard until it hits you. Drifblim is no threat here really. All her pokemon perform the same way as they did before; theyíre just beefed up.

Sharpedo[Lv. 71], Warubiaru[Lv. 71], Zuruzukin[Lv. 71], Drapion[Lv. 71], Reparudasu[Lv. 71], Kirikizan[Lv. 73]

NOTE: Sharpedo will try to flinch you to death with Waterfall. It also has Aqua Jet to priority kill you if youíre naturally faster than it. Warubiaru has Knock Down to make any levitators/flyers susceptible to Earthquake. Drapion wasnít really a problem.

Musharna[Lv. 71], Rankurusu[Lv. 71], Bronzong[Lv. 71], Shinporah[Lv. 71], Gochiruzeru[Lv. 71], Metagross[Lv. 73]

NOTE: Damn Musharna has Hypnosis! It sets up Reflect to try and take hits from both sides. Metagross can be tough to take down if Reflect is still active. Well, Bronzong doesnít have explosion, so Iím happy, XD. Shinporah has Flash Cannon to take down ice types.

Breloom[Lv. 71], Kojondo[Lv. 71], Dageki[Lv. 71], Nageki[Lv. 71], Toxicroak[Lv. 71], Roobushin[Lv. 73]

NOTE: Of all fighting pokemon! Why?!..Why a Breloom?! It has Spore, TT_TT!

Agirudaa[Lv. 75], Kurimugan[Lv. 75], Buffron[Lv. 75], Shubarugon[Lv. 75], Baivanilla[Lv. 75] Urugamoth[Lv. 77]

NOTE: Make sure you lead with something that resist AND deal big damage to Agiruda. Buffron is a TANK! And it kills, be careful against that thing. Be sure to bring a fire type/fire move carrier for Shubarugon. After you beat Adeki, congratulations! Only the secret boss is left out there if you want to face him. Itís Morimoto and heís in one of the Hiun City buildings(You couldíve faced him before this, but whatever, XD). Actually heís in the one where you get Zoroa from the event. You go up to the 22nd floor to face him.
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Pokemon Black/White Walkthrough

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