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Default Re: Sprite Guides and Tutorials II Project - [Post to help!]

Originally Posted by Anastasia-R View Post
Okay, guys, I can't be here 24/7 TRYING my best to help you guys and keeping this thread alive. It's also your responsibility as members to contribute and keep this alive.
I have school, you know? It's annoying and stressing me out how people depend on me to be here EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. I may be a mod, but I have a life as well. >..>;

Do me a favor, keep this alive the best you can, okay? Post tuts, resources, do something to help out. I'm going to update the first post, NOW that I have some time on my hands.
So, yeah, keep it in your mind that I'm not gonna be here all the time at every second, you have responsibilities as well.
No, no, no, Anastasia, don't worry about it.
I was just spewing out ideas to liven up things.

EDIT OMG: I have a tutorial, guys.

Tutorial Subject: How to make trophies- Disco-style. ;D
Examples: Here, Here, & the tutorial outcome.
Difficulty Level: From beginners to experts- the outcome will depend on which. However, beginners can certainly follow the tutorial.
Program: Anything. Did it in MS-Paint though.

Part I - The Trophy Base
Part II - The Trophy

Have fun, guys!


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