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Default Re: The Laughing Man's Society: Gold Edition : open

Infamous Member Information

Member Rank Information

In order to rank up in LMSSI, you'll need to fufill certain tasks to make it to the top and become number one.
Though it will take time; only the most ambitious can become the greatest.
By completing the task listed below, you gain points equal to the task you complete. Wars are an excellent opportunity to gain points quickly. So becoming a known great battler is the fastest route to success. In addition, points may be purchased for Shop Points are (SP). Once you've gained enough points, feel free to purchase some BP. Overall, The number of BP a trainer holds usually shows one of two things; the experience the trainer has with the clan, or the ability a trainer has regarding completing task. Which route will you take?

One Point
  • Buy a battle point with 100 points (your first time you can buy them for 60)
  • Beat a Wi-Fi representatives Wi-Fi team.
  • Beat a PO representatives PO team.
  • Battle in a war (but lose).
  • Battle in a war (and we win).
  • Defeat another clans leader. (The other leader has to confirm the win. You also must wait 7 days to have a repeat match against the same person for the points.)

    Two Points
  • Win a clan or a Pe2k tournament. (Daily PO tournies do not count, you need proof that it happened.)
  • Win your war battle.
  • Save the clan from losing the war.

    Three Points
  • Defeat another clans leader in either a war or in an official Pe2k tourny. (This will be a +1 added to your points from the section above.)
  • Hit List. (See information below.)

Member Jobs Information

Need a steady "pay check"? Well sign up for a member job and put some extra oomph in your SP! Most of the jobs listed below are thread jobs that require upkeep time and time again. However, other jobs are for entertainments sake, and you receive Sp based on performance. Only qualified members, as determined by the leader, will be accepted to certain positions. If you would like to sign up, please pm TUST (DSL) concerning the matter. If you are a member who holds one of these positions and expect your schedule to change in a way that will not allow you to do so, please Pm TUST (DSL) concerning the matter so that substitutions may be made.

Standard Positions

Announcements Archives: (10 SP Per Week): TUST
Member List Archives: (10 SP Per Week): TUST
Announcements and Updates Archives: (10 SP Per Week): TUST
Clan Shop: (25 SP Per Week): ---
Pokemon Strategy: (10 SP Per Week):

Pay As You Go Positions

Youtuber: (15 SP Per Video):
War Story Submissions: (15 SP Per Submission)*:
Banner Submissions: (20 SP Per Submission):
In Clan Cloners: (15 SP Per Job):
In Clan Raters: (15 SP Per Job)**:
Try Out Advisor: (15 Sp Per Job:

(* Indicates story must be properly formatted.)
(**Indicates must have excessive experience in rating before applying.)
Black: 0690 1200 1709
Platinum: 4168 9756 7008

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