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Default Re: Perks they could only dream of; Dream World Discussion

Originally Posted by pkmnrulz View Post
i seen a heavy rain team being used.(politoads dream world ability is drizzle). do you think there will be teams revolved around other weathers than sandstorm and hail with the addition of drought ninetails and drizzle politoad.
I can see hail being demoted to the rarest kind of weather, but I'm not sure that either rain or sun will overtake sandstorm. Not only are there still more SS summoners than any other weather (not including kyogre/groudon), but this generation saw the introduction of Sand Throw and Sand Power, two abilities that act like SS eqivilants of Chloryphyll and Solar Power (Minus the recoil) respectively. Plus none of the new Pokemon that got Swift Swim/Choloryphyll (Nothing new got Solar Power) are all that threatening. Sand Storm teams just gained two new incredible Pokemon- Doryuuzu and Randorosu. Doryuuzu is the steel/ground mole, who gets both new Sand-based abilities. With the same attack stat as Salamence and a respectable base 88 speed, he can either hit like an absolute truck with Sand Power or outspeed pretty much everything without a Choice Scarf with Sand Throw. Randorosu is the Ground/Flying "genie", who also posseses a great stat line of base 125 attack and 110 speed with which he can abuse Sand Power. Oh, and the both get Swords Dance.

So yeah, I can see Sun and Rain teams starting off very popular, as people try out all manner of OU weather teams that were previously unfeasible without the ability to summon perma-rain/sun. But in the end I can SS taking back over as the prominent weather team. But that's just me (:

Originally Posted by ID Saraibre Ryu View Post
Solar Power Charizard
Reckless Staraptor
Poison Heal Gliscor

I am SO there.
Solar Power Charizard will be awesome for the few turns it's around to hit stuff. If they get SR up, you only get a maximum of four turns before Solar Power kills it ;D

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