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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

En Garde Gym, All Pokémon Lv100

Galactic Grunt Alna
Opening Speech: "I used to be part of Team Galactic, then I quit, and I can't get this dye out my hair!"


Nitro Charge, Discharge, Acapella, Volt Change


Holy Sword, Acapella, Boil Over, Retribution

Ending Speech (lose): "Well, at least they were better than Glameows, Golbats and Murkrows."
Ending Speech (win): "Team Galactic, see how strong I'm getting! Just wait til I beat you out of existence!"

Galactic Commander Saturn
Opening Speech: "See all that rubbish Pokémon music? Let it be replaced by the melody of champagne popping! *pop*"
*Marina + The Diamonds' song Shampain starts playing*


Draco Meteor, Draco Meteor, Draco Meteor, Draco Meteor

Ending Speech (lose): "After going to the trouble of obtaining that glitched Pokémon... I still failed... forgive me, Cyrus."
Ending Speech (win): "Remember kids - don't play with glitches~"

Galactic Boss Cyrus
Opening Speech: "My objectives have changed. I want to create a new world; a new world legends can walk freely while still keeping this world in the balance. I need to just harness lots of power in the air to get the energy required to make it. You will help me, won't you? My aim is to keep these legends out of harm now. Anyway, we must fight. Now show me your true power!"

Judgement, Hyper Beam, Perish Song, Seismic Toss

Ending Speech (lose): "W-what power..! You have the potential to create a world in which the legends can inhabit! We shall meet at Mt. Coronet."
Ending Speeh (win): "You have the power. Just try again."

Rewards: Power Badge, Pika Flu syringe, Arceus, $50,000