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Default Re: Individual RP: sammy0295

I walked into the Ranger post, my Charmeleon walking beside me. I rang a bell to call someone. It made an annoying buzzing sound. I soon saw a ranger, yawning. He seemed bored. "Hi there, he said, still yawning.

"Hi," I replied, holding out my paperwork. He didn't read it, but just clipped it to his belt. I smiled a bit at that.

"Where to you want to start?" He ask me. "We could head straight for the deeper part of the Woods, or we could go to a feeding area and see what's there." I thought about it for a minute. The deeper parts would have rarer, more powerful Pokemon. But the Pokemon with me weren't too strong.

"I think we should go to the feeding area first, as I don't have particularly strong Pokemon." Charmeleon grunted at me an made a face. I turned to him and said, "I meant Dratini. I can't have you attacking everything. You'll burn the forest down!" It was only half true.

OOC: I probably won't be able to post again 'til Monday.

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