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Default Re: Individual RP: sammy0295


Ranger Chainy

OOC: Not a problem. I probably won't be sober until then. :D Also, I'm going to assume your character is female. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


"I think we should go to the feeding area first, as I don't have particularly strong Pokemon," my Trainer said. I snuck a quick look at the form - her name was Sam, and she was carrying a Charmeleon and a Dratini. Good choices for a Woods excursion.

Her Charmeleon grunted unhappily at her, making a face as he did so.

"I meant Dratini," Sam quickly backpedaled. " I can't have you attacking everything. You'll burn the forest down!"

"Yeah, I certainly hope that doesn't happen," I murmured quietly.

We began walking around the inner edge of the forest. Very few high-level Pokemon were found around the edges - in the Woods, the ability to survive in the deeper parts was like a status symbol. The best of the best lived around the very centre, and it always made me nervous when a Trainer made a beeline straight there.

We weren't heading anywhere in particular, just following a game trail that was probably made by herds of Stantler. A flash of white caught my eye, and I looked upwards. High in the air hanging off an overhanging branch was a Silcoon, silently watching us as we passed.

I pointed it out to Sam. "Do you want to try and catch that Silcoon?" I asked her.


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Sam
Location: The Woods
Area Effects: 15 Encounters Remaining
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Silcoon(?)
Pokemon Captured: N/A
CC since last Encounter: 895

Pokemon Statistics:

Hardy Male Charmeleon 100% (TM Sunny Day, TM Endure <Blaze Ability>)

Gentle Female Dratini 100% (<Shed Skin Ability>)

Item Statistics:

7x Park Ball
1x Super Ball
5x Repel

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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