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Default [READY TO GRADE] The Trio of a Deserted Playground

Prologue: Reminiscence…

Somewhere between Celadon City and Fuchsia City lies a winding road. A path of such amazing scenery, land filled with wonderful sensation and aroma. The grass was few inches high, a wide plateau, with few trees here and there, scattered around. A very gentle water creek cut the plateau in half, passing so smoothly as if it has no beginning, and as if it will never have an end. A field on colorful flowers, making the rainbow feel so pale and plain, was covering half of the plateau; sending such an amazing scent, so soothing and perfect.

Somewhere around the plateau lies a very huge boulder, giving the field an abstract view; that seems heavenly. On that boulder lied down a young man, he was in his early twenties. He looked so serene and careless of his surrounding, almost with no fear of what the future might hold. He was wearing light blue jeans, almost old as it was a little bit worn out on the tips of the leggings and on the knee caps, with a very simple and plain, black shirt and regular sand-colored hiking boots. His hair was long and tied in a ponytail.

Lying on his back, with both his arms stretched, holding his head with his hands as if they were his light-feather pillow on this rough boulder. Next to him lied down a young and healthy looking Growlithe, yawning and smiling as he was so close to this person. He was his human friend, his only friend. The young man opened his eyes and looked down at Growlithe and smiled as he started petting him on his head, making the young puppy shake his tail in joy. "Pyros, this day reminds me of when we first met… years ago!" The young man started as his puppy pet barked happily, agreeing to what his trainer has said.

The young man turned his eyes away from Pyros, the Growlithe, and looked up to the sky as he smiled. The sky was so clear, with few cotton-like clouds and few Pidgey flying around. The sound of the wind playing along with the trees, the flowers, the grass and the creek, the sound of wild Pokemon around the area, the scent of the delicious natural aroma of the Earth, the calm blue sky. It all goes back to when everything was exactly the opposite, when he first met Pyros.


"Turab!? Where are you!?" So many voices are yelling, and calling out the name of what seems to be a lost boy. It was fall, and it was very cold and the weather turned wild all of a sudden. Hurricanes and a very vicious wind was blowing, taking off small cottages and huts roofs, pulling off small trees. The weather was disastrous, and the kid, Turab, is obviously lost in such weather.

But somewhere far away there was a kid, hiding with a new-born Growlithe. They hid away inside a tree log, hiding from weather. "Don't worry pup, I'll take care of you!" The young kid said as the puppy barely understood anything, but felt safe and growled smiling.

-End of Flashback-

"It has been ten years, hasn't it Pyros?!" The young man asked as he looked down again at his grown up puppy, Growlithe. The puppy barked out loud and jumped off his place and started barking at the young man as if pushing him to stand up and play with him, or go some other place.

And so the two went walking, down the same winding road, looking around, somewhere near the boulder lies down a worn out, old tree-log… this is where Pyros and Turab first met, and this is where they started it all!

to be continued...


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