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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [SUs] =REVIVED=

Hey, guys, I'd like to put out that, indicated in the latest chapter of Bleach out of Japan, Toshiro, Ukitake, Shunsui, Captain Yamamoto, Gin, and all those happy mo-fo's are still alive and around (Captain Yamamoto is missing his left arm, though XD).

Anyway, no SU for Ichi yet. Buuuuuuut...

Jess might remember this guy x3

-Name: Shenichi Taniguchi

-Age: 67 (he was 15 at the time of death)

-Gender: Male

-Race: Soul Reaper

-Rank: 3rd Seat in Squad 7

-Description: Visual aid 1 Visual aid 2 (with Shikai)

Shenichi Taniguchi is about 5', 8" tall, has a thin body with somewhat of a runner's build, and is still rather young; all in all, not one of the most intimidating Soul Reapers around. His hair is the only thing really unique about him, as it is a white-blonde shade, naturally spiked back, and would be shoulder-length if it weren't spiked like that. He wears the normal Soul Reaper shihakushō uniform, however, underneath his kosoda, instead of the normal shitagi, he wears a dōi  (a vest). He also has a number of silver necklaces adorning his neck, including a rather long one he had retained from his life in the human world (it stuck with his soul because it meant a great deal to him, being his late mother's favorite necklace), a set of small chain earrings attached to each ear, and a couple of cloth gloves and gauntlets on each hand and wrist, respectively.

-Personality: Shenichi isn't a very temperamental man, usually slow to rouse, but quick to act; because he doesn't let anger make him rash, and he doesn't allow his judgment to be clouded by other raw emotions. This is not to say Shenichi does not have emotions, but that he feels them on less of a degree than some others, and is able to think past them when necessary. Otherwise, he is rather calm, and somewhat laid-back, happy to take time off when he is not training or "on the clock." He takes pride in the fact that he became a Soul Reaper, having been rather fascinated with them since he met one the day of his konsō. However, one thing he prides even above that would be the necklace of his mother, which he believes holds all his memories of his parents before that fateful robbery attempt.

Shenichi's strengths as a Soul Reaper lie in his Hohō and Zanjutsu, both trained as much as he possibly could while in the Academy, and he also has a good foothold of Kidō, able to use mid- to a few high-level spells without incantation. It is one of the reasons he graduated in the top 25 of his class after his six years in the Shinigami Academy. He and his Zanpakutō, Shinjitsu no Me (Eye of Truth), seem to have an incredibly close bond for a Soul Reaper so soon out of the Soul Reaper Academy. It is actually enough that Shinjitsu no Me has actually refused to be used to strike its master when it was wielded by a stronger opponent during training in the Soul Reaper Academy. This is quite uncommon, but not unheard of in the Soul Society. He also seems to have a bit of a fascination with the Captain of Squad 7, Captain Sajin Komamura, finding the anthropomorphic canine interesting and, in a word, "awesome."

-History: Shenichi Tanuguchi led a most undesirable life in the living world. However, it was not of his choosing to be stuck in this endless loop. His parents had been killed during an attempt to rob the bank, that had ultimately failed, but at the cost of fifteen civilian lives, including those of Shenichi's parents. Because he was too young to get a job or strike out on his own, he was to be processed and sent to either an orphanage or a foster family, but Shenichi didn't want that at all, from all the nasty rumors he had heard about both. Still grieving for his parents, Shenichi had slipped out of the clutches of the law system threatening to ensnare and strangle him, striking out on his own. He thought that there would be some way to live a life of his own without having to be torn from everything he'd known and be made to believe in what his new lifestyle would bring.

Alas, Shenichi's hopes had been fruitless, as he soon found himself huddling for warmth under newspapers and abandoned trash cans in alleyways. As he was a firm Christian, he prayed every day and night for God to help him in any small way, anything that would remove the pain of the day, and cease the rumblings of his belly, if only temporarily. He scrounged for the smallest of scraps, he begged passerby without much luck, and yet still, he prayed, prayed to be delivered from this Hell. Some days, his faith in God faltered, but he never truly let go. It didn't take long for his prayers to be heard, and Shenichi was delivered from his pain...

In a horrible accident on a rainy day, a huge semi truck skidded through the street, getting its trailer stuck in an alleyway after it overturned onto its side...trapping and killing the homeless, fifteen-year-old boy beneath it.

As suddenly as that had woken him up, it was was all over. The next thing Shenichi knew, he was a Whole, and a strange being in black and white clothes that looked like they came from the days of Feudal Japan was talking to him, ensuring him that he was dead, but was about to go to someplace that would be better for him now. This being, when he asked, introduced himself as being a Shinigami, also known as a Soul Reaper. It didn't take Shenichi very long to accept the fact that he was now dead, and he easily allowed this Soul Reaper to perform the konsō on him. A momentary blinding flash of white light covered his vision...and he found himself in the Western Rukon District, in the Soul Society.

Things were incredibly easier for the unfortunate boy now that he was in the Soul Society. People in this particular District of West Rukon, which he discovered was the 3rd District, were far friendlier than in the living world, and he even found himself living with a few souls in a nice, distinct household. One thing that Shenichi noted that was rather odd...was the fact that, out of the five souls living within the house, only he ever seemed to get hungry. He figured it was because he had just died and would still hold some habits and mental needs until the years went by and he grew more used to being a soul. Nine years passed like this, and yet Shenichi's hunger never changed, in fact, at some points he thought it even grew. And he seemed to also be stronger than his roommates, having jumped and climbed higher, ran faster and farther, and always seemed to come out on top when they proposed a fun session of fighting practice, to keep in shape. He was baffled, and yet, in his ninth year in the West Rukon District, the answer came to him, when a Soul Reaper approached him with an offer to join the Soul Reaper Academy. It seems that, even in the living world, he had been spiritually aware, but in his rather miserable state, he hadn't paid any attention to Wholes he may have seen at the time. It was only a slight spiritual awareness, however, nothing too far out of the ordinary for humans in his day, but ever since coming to the Soul Society, his spiritual powers seemed to adapt and grow to the new, much more comfortable atmosphere of the spiritual world. Having been fascinated with Soul Reapers ever since his death, Shenichi eagerly and happily accepted the offer, and made his way (escorted) to the Academy to take the Entrance Exam.

Never having realized he had the potential to have Spiritual Pressure before, Shenichi found the exam incredibly difficult, and since he had no prior training on how to even try to use it, he failed his first try, but was encouraged to try again the next year by the examiners, who found his potential to be quite above average. So, after receiving tips from one or two Soul Reapers, Shenichi began his training back at his home in District 3. It wasn't all that difficult a concept to grasp once he heard it, and his training proved to be fruitful eventually. A year passed, and he aced the entrance exam the second time around. After ten years being dead, Shenichi found himself on his way to becoming a Soul Reaper as well, a being that would help other souls that had died.

Shenichi mostly kept to himself in his studies, except when approached by others to practice things such as Zanjutsu or Kidō. He wasn't really a loner, happy to accept company, but he was more of an introvert, not always seeking the companionship of others. Still, working together did make things easier to find where he would excel in the Soul Reaper training. Of the many areas, his finest areas seemed to be Hohō and Zanjutsu, with a good hold of Kidō as well (once he moved past the point of simple Kidō exploding in his face, which, after the pain was gone, even he found comical). He didn't have an exceptionally notable rate of growth, but he wasn't left completely in the dust by those geniuses who did.

While at the Academy, upon learning that all Zanpakutō have a name and can eventually be talked to, he began focusing on that while in his free time. Of course, for years, he didn't have much success. However, he was amongst the first in his class to learn the name of his Zanpakutō, something he was quite proud of. Though, of course, he'd have to learn more and grow more powerful before he has access to his Shikai powers, but he was well on his way, he was happy to note.

After the average six years, Shenichi and many of his fellow students attended the graduation ceremony, and were finally made into Shinigami as well. Excited, Shenichi applied for the 13 Court Guard Squads as soon as he found time to research on the different Squads, as well as the known members and Captains of each Squad. One Captain in particular interested him more than the others, one he'd only caught a glance of while at the Academy, Captain Sajin Komamura. Unlike others who feared his appearance, Shenichi was rather intrigued and excited about it, exclaiming it to be "awesome" at one point to his classmates. So, he decided to apply for Squad 7 of the 13 Court Guard Squads.

It didn't take long, much to his relief and astonishment all at once. His application to join Squad 7 was accepted, and he was soon stationed in the Squad 7 barracks. Obviously, he wasn't a seated position so soon, but he was willing to do the work and time needed to be able to grow in rank in the Division, and prove himself to his new Captain.

At first, he began his work as a part of Squad 7 like any other Soul Reaper just starting out, being given low-level missions to find and defeat weak Hollows. Despite only fighting these weaker monsters, Shenichi’s level of power and ability continued to grow at a presumably steady rate, something that Komamura himself took notice of after a few years, and quite soon, Shenichi was offered a position as a Seated Officer, beginning for him at the 12th Seat, and without any hesitation, the young and promising Soul Reaper took the opportunity to move higher up in his Squad.

Being one of the few Seated Officers without a Shikai in his Squad, he worked extra hard on training himself and communing with his Zanpakutō spirit what little he could. His spirit was rather mysterious, and didn’t choose to give his master the access to Shikai with a single, simple test; rather enigmatic, Shinjitsu no Me gave him several tests over time, each growing in difficulty, until finally, he deemed Shenichi ready and capable of wielding the incredibly dangerous power that was his Shikai: that of time. Knowledge of the future could be helpful to some, but extensive use could damage one’s psyche, and Shenichi’s tests had been made to test his mental fortitude and intelligence. So when he finally got access to his Shikai, the young Soul Reaper knew that Shinjitsu no Me already trusted him a great deal.

The years pass, the missions get more difficult and complex the more rank Shenichi gains, and soon, almost before he really notices it, he was sitting at the third-seat position of his Squad, underneath Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon and Captain Komamura. That mere fact alone made the boy feel proud, but he is also rather shy about this fact, not attributing this mostly to his abilities, trying to figure out another cause or reason for this to explain it.

When the growing disasters concerning the Fell Stones arose, and Soul Reapers and other Wholes were joining factions to look for these destructive devices, Shenichi knew that his loyalties lied with the Soul Society, with Head Captain Yamamoto, and of course Captain Komamura. The protection of the Soul Society, as well as the living world, was a top priority, and even with the inclusion of beings far superior and stronger than even Head Captain Yamamoto involved, he is confident that the battle for the balance of the world will end up in the favor of those who fight on the side of the world itself.

After all, to him, time itself is no great importance. Only life is important.


Name: Shinjitsu no Me (Eye of Truth)

Appearance: His Zanpakutō's sealed state takes the form of a normal katana, with a 36-inch blade. The Tsuba is a perfect circle, with the flat part depicting the branches of a tree with leaves fully grown along them. The handle is wrapped tightly in a silver cloth, and a silver tassel hangs off of the end of the handle.


Release Command: Shenichi holds his blade horizontally before him, the blade side towards the ground, with one hand holding the hilt of the blade, and the other placed on the flat of the blade opposite him, next to the tsuba. He then yells, “Transcend time! Shinjitsu no Me!” As he yells this, he slides his hand along the blade, which changes from behind his hand.

-Form: Shenichi’s Shikai takes the form of a 2-and-a-half-foot long, straight, black Ronin blade, with seven holes bored through the thick part, in the middle; these holes alternated between small, circular holes, and longer, oblong holes, with the smaller holes having one more in number than the larger. A tassel hands from the end of the handle, the handle itself being a mere tang wrapped in black cloth. There is no tsuba (guard).

Power: The ability to peer into the future, though the distance into the future perceived relies fully upon the amount of concentration used upon activating the ability. The way he uses the power is through the holes bored through the thick part of the blade, which glow with an iridescent, transparent aura; when his eyes make contact with the holes, even for an instant, and he concentrates even a tiny bit on the power, he can see the future. In battle, the ability can only peer into the immediate future to see what the opponent will do and when, and how to avoid it. Outside battle, with meditation, the ability can be sued to peer much farther into the future, even months or years.


Not yet earned.

Zanpakutō Spirit: Shinjitsu no Me takes the form of an aged, ragged, hooded gray robe. The cloth has streaks of mixed shades of gray vertically along its entire surface, inside and out. Inside the hood, only the back of the hood can be seen, as would any of the rest of the robe, which looks like it floats empty wherever it "stands." His voice also contributes to his aged appearance, sounding very light, wispy, and echoing.

His personality is crisp, and his mind is sharp. He has a very keen intellect, and he is able to move past his emotions, which allows him to think at his clearest and quickest. Observing an opponent in battle is one strategy he prefers to employ, since he is able to watch how his opponent's moves and strikes, and once the pattern is found, or a common trait is discovered, then taking down the opponent will be that much easier.

Kidō Specialization

#4 - Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning)
#32 - Ōkasen (黄火閃, Yellow Fire Flash)
#63 - Raikōhō (雷吼炮, Thunder Roar Cannon)

#39 - Enkosen (円閘扇, Arc Shield)
#75 - Gochūtekkan (五柱鉄貫, Quintet of 1 kan Iron Pillars)
#81 - Danku (斷空, Splitting Void)

-Additional Info: While it is not generally known how high Shenichi's level of Kidō expertise is, he has been able to use Hadō #88 - Hiryugekizokushintenraiho on one training occasion, though it left him completely drained. Since then he has honed and refined his knowledge and power of Kidō lower than that, to make sure he wouldn't lose his expertise on them before trying Hiryugekizokushintenraiho again.
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