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Default Re: The Trio of a Deserted Playground

Chapter One: A Favor!?

It was a very normal day in a small town somewhere on the long road between Celadon City and Fuchsia, Velvet Town. Turab was simply standing in the sun, and sighing, for this is not what his dream was. Holding a huge carton-box outside a convenient store he works in, Turab felt so underestimated. His sole dream was to become an adventurer, to unveil the mysteries of this planet as he roams around, but with no encouragement, and with his job, he couldn't do it when he was of right age, and now he thinks it's just too late.

"Hey, you there!? Turab! I am calling you boy!" A thick, yet loud voice was yelling. Turab was daydreaming; he was looking into nothing, into the sky as he was holding the box.

"What in the name of god I am doing in this dump!?" Turab was thinking to him self as he was looking to the sky, the sun was scorching in mid-day and Turab was seating.

"Didn't you hear me calling on you kid!?" The man yelled again, as he slapped Turab on the back of his head lightly to make him snap out of whatever he was doing.

"Oh, I am so sorry Mr. Stiffins!" Turab replied so politely, as he smiled, walking to the back of the store with the box, to place it in the storage-room.

"This good for nothing boy… all he ever do is dream of being an adventurer and a Pokemon Trainer! Him and that stupid puppy of his… he thinks that adventuring will bring him money and make him as reliable as he is now, not that he is anyway!" Mr. Stiffins said to him self as he was looking at Turab downloading the boxes from the truck into the storage-room.

"Mr. Stiffins, is Turab here?!" Someone with a very clean suite, and a mustache, a gentleman, asked.

"Yes of course Mr. Mayor!" Mr. Stiffins replied with a smile, as if he was selling a commodity. "Can I ask what it is about!?" The store owner asked while scratching the back of his head, confused why would the Mayor of Velvet Town ask for a good-for-nothing boy like Turab.

"It is a private matter Mr. Stiffins, I'd rather talk to Turab in person, please!" The Mayor replied so politely.

"What is it sir?" Turab asked, walking towards the Mayor and Mr. Stiffins, overhearing their conversation, knowing that the Mayor is asking for him.

"Turab, how is your Growlithe?" The Mayor asked.

Turab smiled and nodded, "He is in perfect shape sir!" The young trainer replied.

"Good, I have a favor to ask. Many trainers accidentally go to the deserted Winestrap Village, a place you are familiar with its surroundings as you always train there with your Pokemon. We received so many complaints that travelers, adventurers, scientists, Pokemon Trainers… everyone who passes through there, and gets lost, get a very non-humorous prank that actually ends up hurting them or their Pokemon. We need you to go there and end this, we are a small Town, we don't have Pokemon trainers, and most of us are simple peasants and town folks." The Mayro said as he was looking at Turab with a hope of agreement.

"But, what about his work in here?!" Mr. Stiffins said, interrupting the discussion between the Mayor and Turab.

"I'll go sir!" Turab replied with a smile, and after almost no moment of thinking. This is what Turab has been looking for his entire life, an opportunity to be given a chance. His answer shocked the store manager who went back inside his shop angrily, and made the Mayor smile in relief.

This is what Turab has been always waiting for. But will this come back to him with any good? Will he finally be recognized as a Pokemon Trainer? Will this allow him to set a foot in a world full of adventure? Turab has so many questions in his head as he went back to his lousy small studio-apartment on top of the store's roof. Getting all he needs, and inform Pyros, his Growlithe.

To be continued...


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