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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [SUs] =REVIVED=

Well, hopefully I did alright here.

Name: Diego Dakkan
Age: 102, appears to look 29
Gender: Male
Race: Soul Reaper

Personality: Casual, confident, and assuring, Diego doesn’t let a whole lot of things bother him. Even though he strives to do the best he can, he feels things will turn out alright, and he tries hard to keep a reasonable sense of optimism surrounding him. Because of that quality, a lot of his squad mates like working with him, and find him to be enthusiastic, inspiring, and insightful. He also believes in giving people second chances, as long as those people show the desire to improve and make up for their previous mistakes.

Diego also knows how to keep a good sense of humor, even in the face of certain danger. As such, Diego rarely feels intimidated by anything, as he’s taken on Hollows that have been especially cruel and heartless, and has used their overconfidence against them. He isn’t too quick to judge his adversaries though, and often, he draws the fights out a bit to see what they’re capable of to calculate their next move and their potentials. As a result, Diego isn’t quick to dive at his opponents and go into a flurry of hacking and slashing. Instead, Diego relies more on Kidō spells to increase his unpredictable tactics in the faces of his enemies, though he usually reserves the Zanpakutō to deal close combat strikes when his enemies get close and he needs to stand his ground. Then, once he’s figured out his enemy’s tactics, he’ll deal the finishing blow with the Zanpakutō.

Meanwhile, whenever he can, he takes the Konsō responsibly pretty close to heart, as he’s very often sympathetic with lost souls that need guidance and help. With a light-hearted and casual approach, he helps guide them to the Soul Society, assuring there is hope on the horizon.

With regards to the Fell Bracelet he’s been assigned to obtain, he honestly feels it’s probably better if the Fell Stones remain out of everyone’s hands, but he’s willing to gather them and lock them up in a place of protection within the Soul Society, and leave it as a weapon ultimate last resort.

History: In Diego’s human life, he was born in the year 1908 in New York City. He lived alone with his mother after his father had died in World War I, but Diego never truly had the chance to know him. As a child, Diego had a fondness for the supernatural, and he often didn’t like to try to separate the fantasy from reality, always asking “well, how do you know they don’t really exist?” when confronted about the mystical creatures and worlds imagined.

Diego graduated from high school with excellent grades, but the Great Depression destroyed any hope of ever going to college. Instead, he got whatever work he could get, and in the end, he had landed a job as a bartender in a local pub called “Little Nicky’s.” The pay wasn’t good, but he appreciated the little he could obtain, knowing there were plenty of people in the streets that had nothing.

When Diego was 29, it all ended during one night on June 12th, 1937. He had been working late that night to try and earn overtime and additional tips from the night crowd. However, that night, a mob deal had gone south, and what started as an argument turned into a shootout. Diego was caught in the crossfire, shot twice in the chest, and died shortly after. At least seven bodies were taken out of the bar that night, Diego being one of them.

Diego wandered as a Whole, unable to bear the burden of leaving his mother behind without money. However, there was nothing he could have done. But in time, he had been found by a Soul Reaper, who urged and convinced him to pass onto the Soul Society. Before the Soul Reaper performed Konsō on him, he asked more about the Soul Reaper’s role, and why she was doing it. It was there that Diego learned the Soul Reaper’s name was Mia Clyde, and he discovered what their purpose was. It was also discovered that Diego had a strong hunger, resulting in a greater spiritual awareness that Mia found to be remarkable. Once Diego arrived in the Soul Society, he made the decision to apply for the Spiritual Arts Academy, inspired and motivated by the Soul Reaper that had helped guide him.

After passing the entrance exam, Diego was able to prove that he held a great amount of spiritual energy within him, and proved to be a very viable candidate for the role of a Soul Reaper. For those six years, Diego, though light-hearted in nature, still took the classes and the training close to heart and strived to get as much as he could out of the training. His primary focus was on his Kidō skills, understanding and truly appreciating how useful they could be in a tight spot.

Diego graduated from the Shinigami Academy, and joined the 13 Court Guard Squads, committed to Squad Five as one of its seated members. During his time in Squad Five, he began to shed a bit of the studious, academic nature he had during his training and instead have a more open, casual, and light-hearted connection with the rest of the squad. It didn’t take long until Diego became a close part of the squad while taking his responsibilities close to heart.

The betrayal of Sōsuke Aizen left Diego with a sick, cold, and disgusted feeling that took time to break away from. He became sympathetic to Momo Hinamori, knowing she was struck the hardest from Aizen’s betrayal, though just about everyone in Squad Five was hit extremely hard by it. With Aizen now gone, Diego tried hard to forget Aizen even existed, but it was extremely difficult. Instead, Diego vowed to undo the damage that Aizen had caused, and hopefully reestablish the trust that was lost.

Now, with Momo Hinamori as the new Captain of Squad Five, Diego Dakkan has taken the position of being Squad Five’s lieutenant. With the revealing of the Fell Stones, Diego is prepared to make the stride toward recovering them, and making sure they don’t cause any more trouble than what they’ve started already.

Description: Visual

Diego stands 6’5” and has a strong muscular build. Meanwhile, he had hazel-colored hair combed forward along with a fair skin tone complexion. Meanwhile, he had brown eyes, and a dense expression despite the fact he tries to be open. Even though Diego definitely does have the skill, strength, and swordsmanship to handle his Zanpakutō efficiently in melee combat, he still prefers Kidō as his main attack option, usually leaving physical melee strikes as the finishing blows.

In his spirit form, Diego wears the traditional Soul Reaper uniform, but in his human form, Diego wears a sweatshirt and cargo pants, trying to blend in more with the crowd.

In terms of attributes, Diego is more focused on strength and wise calculation. He may not be exceptionally quick on his feet and he prefers to draw out the fight, but his strength and endurance still remain as his strong points, along with his ability to discern and dissect the combative strategies of his opponents.

Weapons: Kasai Fenikkusu – “Fire Phoenix”

Sealed State – Kasai Fenikkusu takes on the form of a katana with a three-foot long bade that’s slightly wider than the typical katana. The blade has single-edged blade, while the hilt takes on a fiery blend of crimson and orange colors. On the butt of the hilt, the insigna kousei 再生 is depicted as the representation of “rebirth.”

Shikai State – Triggered by the “Surround” command, Kaisai Fenikkusu takes on the form of a katana with some resemblance to a feather, though now a glowing engraving of a fiery wing on the blade itself. In this state, the blade has the tendency to ignite fires upon successful strikes. Meanwhile, it increases Diego’s constitution, endurance, and strength, giving him more capability to take blows and yet still keep on fighting.

Shinzui Hidama (Ethereal Pyrotechnics) – Through focused concentration, Diego has the potential to unleash a flurry of essence-based fireballs that restore vitality to Diego for the amount of damage they cause to enemies. Through this ability, Diego can unleash a flurry of roughly twenty fireballs before an extensive cooldown period is necessary.

Sachi Juusha (Wish Chaser) – Though Diego does have the ability to heal wounds using Kidō, the force of the Sachi Juusha allows him to save and restore the health of those who are critically wounded as Diego sacrifices some of his own vitality to provide relief to those who are close to death.

Banaki State – Diego has yet to achieve this state with his Zanpakutō.

Specialized Kidō

Lv 8 Seki (斥, Repulse)
Lv 30 Shitotsu Sansen (嘴突三閃, Beak-Piercing Triple Beam)
Lv 61 Rikujōkōrō (六杖光牢, Six Rods Prison of Light)

Lv 31 Shakkahō (赤火砲, Shot of Red Fire)
Lv 54 Haien (廃炎, Abolishing Flames)
Lv 73 Sōren Sōkatsui (双蓮蒼火墜, Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down)

Additional Info: Well, hopefully I did this right.

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