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Alden stood in front of the national park office, his friend, Umbreon, standing besides him. "Well, this is it!" said the trainer enthusiastically. "We are back at the national park!"

"Bre, bre" responded Umbreon, obviously trying to fake some enthusiasm into her reply. It wasn't working.

"Arn't you excited?" said the trainer, looking down incredulously at black jackal-looking pokemon that was currently standing on her four paws. She had a jet black sheen that shone brilliantly, and she came up in height slightly past her trainer's knees. Alden's Umbreon sported a unique coloration, as the stripes and rings that shone from time to time on her body glowed with a soft, azure light. Her eye color was also unique, and today, Umbreon cocked her head and stared up at her trainer with those calm, yellow eyes. Alden sighed. This was his pokemon's personality, and he had doubts as to whether he would be able to instill some more enthusiasm in her.

Alden's gaze shifted to the building before him. He remembered this exactly place, roughly a year ago when he first came to the national park. Of course, this was prior to the park's closing and reopening, but he remembered having a fun time with his Flareon and Umbreon as he explored the paths and caves surrounding Mt. Deckbi. This will be different though, thought Alden. This time, we are heading to the Meteor Valley. The trainer returned Umbreon to her poke ball, sighed nervously, then pushed opened the door and entered the building. Immediately, he was greeted.

"Alden Umster? Come with me."

The man, who Alden assumed was his ranger, led the trainer out the back. On the way, Alden learned that his ranger's name was Rusty Anderson.

Outside the back of the national park offices, Alden saw a familiar cart. He remembered riding it a year ago to the slopes of Mt. Deckbi, but to his surprise, the ranger did not walk to the cart. Instead, he pulled out a poke ball and released a grey, winged pokemon that the ranger identified as "Aero". The pokemon looked like an archaic bird almost... except far larger with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. After racking his brain for a minute, Alden remembered coming across a pokemon like this in an article somewhere. However, that pokemon, if Alden remembered correctly, was supposed to be extinct.

Regardless, the ranger revealed to Alden that he planned to take the trainer to the Meteor Valley via pokemon rather than cart. For a second, Alden was relieved. The cart ride he had taken last year had been pretty uncomfortable. However, it then dawned on him that the ranger expected Alden to fly to the valley on the pokemon. "hop on, and hang tight," said the ranger before Alden could protest. As his stomach sunk, Alden climbed on to the rock hard pokemon, and hung on for his life as the pokemon took off.

The flight actually wasn't as bad as Alden had expected it to be. The scenary below was beautiful, and it wasn't long before meteor valley was in view. From the sky, the valley looked like a circular basin It was very lush, with thick clumps of high grass growing everywhere, while a row of trees lined the distance in front of a large mountain. As the pokemon touched down, Alden took note of all the rocks and flowers. It was like a large meadow - very much unlike what the trainer had expected. Alden had heard stories about the psychic and ghost pokemon of Meteor Valley, and hoping to train a few ghosts himself, Alden chose to visit the valley himself. However, at first glance, it didn't appear to be a home for supernatural or ghost pokemon at all. Then again, thought Alden, there is probably more to this place than meets the eye.

The ranger turned to Alden as he hopped off the flying pokemon and asked if he was ready. "Yea," replied the trainer. "One second though." Alden always enjoyed walking one or two of his pokemon by his side. It gave them a chance to excercise. "Come on out Umbreon," said Alden as he pointed the pokemon's poke ball at the ground. As the pokemon appeared, her body stiffened and the blue color in her rings faded. Her eyes looked alert as she shook her head restlessly. This was all very odd for a pokemon as laid back as Umbreon typically was. Still, Alden wasn't surprised. The valley had an "odd" feel to it, and the trainer felt as this was going to be an interesting trip. "lead the way," he said, looking at the ranger. Umbreon followed her trainer, an alert look evident in those yellow eyes.

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