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Default Re: The Trio of a Deserted Playground

Chapter Two: And so it Begins!

Turab went to his small studio through an outer staircase, and as he was running upstairs in excitement after hearing the news and the Mayor's favor of him to go on an adventure, the stairs had this loud, metallic sound. Turab opened the worn out wooden door of his small studio and jumped in smiling, looking left and right for his puppy. The apartment was kind of messy, there was food on the table, books on the sofa, soda on the television and clothes on his messy bed. Everything was so close to each other that made the room look even smaller. "Hey, Pyros, where are you boy?!" Turab cried happily.

The puppy came out of the bathroom running towards his sole friend and his trainer, Turab, barking and excited. Growlithe barely get to be with his trainer in day time due to the work in the convenient store, where no pets are allowed. Pyros, the Growlithe, ran towards Turab in thrill, shaking his tail happily, as he jumped on Turab who could barely catch him. They both fell on the ground as the puppy started licking Turab's face, making him laugh out loud. "Hey, cut it off Pyros! I have great news…" Turab said as he was trying to stop his puppy. "We are finally going on an adventure… you'll get to show the world your skills and strength boy!" Turab continued, making Pyros jump off Turab and bark in joy.

Turab then cleaned up his studio-apartment, took a shower, and prepared his backpack with all he need for his adventure. He put in some Pokemon food, especially made for Growlithe, and some canned food for him, spare clothes and underwear and some useful tools such as a rope and a sleeping bag and his camping swiss-knife. He took a look at the very first Pokeball he ever bought; he finally had a reason to take them out of the closet. He never had the guts to put Growlithe in a Pokeball, but it seems that this is time for this to finally happen. He put the six Pokeball he has on his belt, around his waist and grabbed one. "Do you want to do this Pyros!?" Turab asked hesitantly.

Growlithe smiled and barked, knowing that it doesn't have to be this way, but he wants his only friend, and his Pokemon trainer, and even his master to become a real adventurer and look like one. Turab smiled and threw the Pokeball at Growlithe who didn't resist what-so-ever and got inside his Pokeball, for the very first time. The young man went and grabbed the Pokeball off the floor and smiled, "Thank you Pyros, you are a true friend!" He said as he put the Pokeball back to his belt.

Turab put his backpack on and went through the door, out of the studio to the City-hall to receive information of the Mayor about the situation in Winestrap Town, the long abandoned village. Ever since Turab was two years old the village was abandoned due to a terrible hurricane. Most of the citizens moved to Celadon and Fuchsia, some went to Cerulean and others to Vermillion, and only a very old couple moved to Velvet Town, where Turab resides.

The young trainer, and the verge of becoming a real adventurer, stood right in the middle of the Village Square where kids were playing around the fountain. He was wondering of he should pay the old couple a visit first, or the Mayor. "I guess I'll go see the Heckles' couple first, I need to know all I can about the area!" Turab said to him self as he looked down a small bakery near Village Square and smiled. "Because of their fine bread I sometimes forget they are even outsiders!" He continued thinking as he walked down the Square towards the Bakery.

-Ching Ching-

Turab opened the door to the Bakery as the hung wind-chimes started making some music as they bumped into each other. "Oh, it's young boy Turab!" The old lady said as he smiled. "Welcome, how may I help you son!?" She asked as he welcomed him inside. The scent was amazing, all this bakery and patisserie just smelled so delicious.

"Actually, I want to ask you about Winestrap Village ma'am!" Turab asked politely. "Perhaps you've heard about this from the townsfolk gossip. I am going on an adventure to the abandoned village of Winestrap to stop the mischievous actions of some few Pokemon gone really wild, hurting all those who trespass." Turab continued.

"Well, we can't really help you!" An old man's voice cried, as Mrs. Heckles husband came out of the baking room. "Winestrap Village is so small, and you know the way there… that's all there is to that abandoned village." Mr. Heckles continued.

"Is that so?!" Turab asked, looking wondered about how the old man talked to him, as if he just doesn't want to give him any information as he went back to his baking room. Mrs. Heckles look at her husband and her face turned sad all of a sudden; with a teary eye she turned back to Turab and smiled.

"John lost his best friends, and his three Pokemon in that Hurricane. That's why whenever someone talks about that village he becomes so mad, please, excuse him!" Mrs. Heckles asked of Turab as she bowed and smiled.

Turab looked at her, and smiled, "Don't worry ma'am, I am so sorry to remind you both of that incident." The young Pokemon trainer said as he walked outside, towards the City Hall.

-In the City Hall-

"Turab, I will fill you in with the information we have in hand!" The Mayor started, as he was playing with his mustache, swirling it. "All we know that no one has ever seen the attacking Pokemon… he is too small, a little bit agile and hides perfectly. But what amazes us, and confuses us, is that this Pokemon can use all three elemental attacks. Many trainers returned with burnt Pokemon, sometimes electrified, and others frozen solid… and so happened to humans as well! Investigate, and put an end to this…" The Mayor continued as Turab nodded, accepting his mission.

Turab started his journey; it's not a long walk from Velvet Village. It takes almost a whole day to reach Winestrap Town. Turab set on his very first adventure with a big smile, and whole load of confidence that he will end this mischief that's accrued recently in this area.

to be continued...


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