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Default Re: The Trio of a Deserted Playground

Chapter Three: A Three-sided Battle?

Somewhere around the ruins of Winestrap Village, Turab was sitting with his Growlithe in the middle of the night eating. Around a small camp-fire, Turab has put couple of fish he caught and on a tree log just to his left there was some roasted mushrooms, he picked and roasted earlier; there was also some berries and fruits from the wilderness. Turab looked at Growlithe and smiled as he put some Pokemon food in Growlithe's blue dish that has Pyros written on it in white, with bold capital letters. "Here you go Pyros, enjoy your meal!" The young Pokemon trainer said as he handed his puppy the food-filled-dish. "Tomorrow we have a very busy day… sleep well after you're done!" Turab continued as he grabbed a fish and started eating.

-Next Day-

"So this is Winestrap Village!? Hmm.. I've always heard stories, and I've always play around this area when I was wrong, do you remember that boy?! We had such a good times playing around the eastern mountains and the surrounding lake!" Turab said as he was looking to his surrounding.

The village was totally destroyed. The Hurricane has kept nothing in this village alive. Destroyed houses are everywhere along the streets, or at least what used to look like houses and streets. But time has made this place lovely. It has been more than twenty years since this village was torn apart viciously by a disastrous hurricane. Twenty years is a very long amount of time for this place to turn into a heaven on earth. The trees have grown so beautifully, the streets are cracked and grass coming out of it. Roses and vines and fruits have grown everywhere, making this a perfect haven for wild Pokemon, and makes the village look like ancient ruins.

Walking around this place, Turab was extremely stunned. He never knew such a beautiful place even exist on a day walk away from his home. Everything is destroyed, yet everything is green, as if life has been taken away from humans to be given back to nature. Not noticing anything, due to the young man's fascination; a bunch of quick creatures were roaming, as if they were just shadows or ghosts of this villages past. And all of a sudden, Turab found him self in a play grown, with a see-saw, a slide and a spinner.

The playground was in a terrible shape, the games are way too rusty and vines has grabbed so tight into them, making them still statues. The see-saw can no longer go up and down, the spinner spins no more and the slide has more thrones than wood. It was terrible, but it still looked beautiful. And as the young Pokemon trainer was looking directly towards the bushes, and out of no where, he noticed a small red dot in the shadows.

A huge beam was shot right straight at him. A beam of flame and since Turab has been training Growlithe for so long; he is familiar with his attack, the Flamethrower. Turab jumped to the side, barely dodging this Flamethrower. It looked so magnificent and well charged. The Pokemon who uses this is actually made of fire, purely of fire. "Who is there?!" Turab cried out loud looked at the direction of where the Flamethrower was shot from, with Pyros' Pokeball in his hand, preparing to battle.

Before he managed to get ready and release his Growlithe, a second wave of attacks commenced upon him. Turab has heard a zapping voice all of a sudden, from the sky. Turab looked up and he saw this magnificent bolt of lightning coming directly towards him, another attack, also well charged. Turab dove to his right being captured by the vines and falling on his back. "This is it!" The young trainer yelled angrily as his vein was popping on his forehead. "Go Pyros, teach them a lesson they'll never forget!" Turab yelled as he threw Growlithe's Pokeball to the air, and with a white flashy beam, Pyros was released, barking and taking a fighting stance, baring his sharp canines, growling.

And out of no where, a very beautiful, light blue beam was shot towards the puppy, whose senses are exceptional. He jumped over the beam that was shot from behind, and spun in midair as he was charging a Flamethrower shooting a huge one directly at where the Ice Beam was shot from. If it didn't hit the Pokemon and make it faint, at least it will provoke it and force it to show it self. Attacks ended, the bark of the tree facing Growlithe is totally frozen solid and the ground in which the Ice Beam came from is still smoking, almost fully burnt. "Good job Growlithe…" Turab said with a smile. "He's down, now we can return back home!" The young trainer continued, speaking of so confidently.

Growlithe walked proudly towards his trainer, not caring of the result, thinking he already won this battle. What he didn't know that as the smoke started to fade away there wasn't just one Pokemon, but three little ones. One of them is badly injured, but still capable of battling, regardless of the burns, and the other two are simply and extremely angry of what happened to their friends. The three of them stood in a line and started yelling at Growlithe and Turab, as if they were cursing.

Turab's jaw fell, as he saw the three Pokemon. They were nothing but babies, and they caused all this mischief. One of them was a little Elekid, the other is a baby Magby and the one Pyros injured was nothing but a kid Smoochum. Turab couldn't believe it. "How can Pokemon, of their size and age, commence such terrible attacks?" Turab wondered as he was looking at them jumping all over, angry of what Growlithe did to Smoochum.

"It's about time we end this!" Turab said as he looked at his Pokemon and smiled. "Pyros, go and rip them apart, they are just kids!" He continued.

Growlithe barked and ran as fast as he could towards the elemental trio, growling and gazing at them with terrifying eyes, fierce ones, trying to force them to back down and lower their defenses. The three of them stood there, looking so fearless, as they were also prepared to fight, taking each their stance and position. Growlithe first jumped over a boulder towards the small Ice Pokemon, as it already has been weakened by his Flamethrower earlier. But the three Pokemon already had a dead-lock plan, where they corner their enemy.

Before Pyros ever reaches Smoochum he found him self on the ground, kicking the dust. He was electrified with a Thunderwave, that Elekid was looking directly towards Growlithe and charging his own energy, sending invisible waves towards the puppy, making him electrified through static energy, thus paralyzed. Smoochum took advantage of this and smiled at Growlithe right in the face as she started using her Psychic power to tear him apart inside out, making him suffer in pain without even being touched. He was surrounded with this purple aura.

Magby smiled with such an evil intent as he looked down at the exhausted puppy. He prepared his very small fist and started charging flame around it as it suddenly combusted into a huge ball of fire surrounding his closed fist. And with a huge battle-cry, the baby fire Pokemon jumped back and started running towards Growlithe, to give him self a momentum as he punched Growlithe sending him right under his trainer's feet. The three Pokemon looked at Turab as he fell on his knees in shock and held Pyros closely. He carried Growlithe and turned back and started walking away, his head to the ground. He never expected failure to be this hard, and he never expected him self to be so hurt when he sees his Pokemon in pain.

to be continued...


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