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Default Re: Individual RP: sammy0295

OOC: I know you can't.

We continued to follow the dirt trail. We soon reached a small pond, though it may have been closer to a puddle. It seemed to be from the recent rainfall, but I didn't pay much attention to it and just kept moving. But Ranger Chainy stopped me with a tap on the shoulder. I turned to him and saw him looking at the water. He motioned for me to be quite.

He spoke to whatever he had seen in the pond. "Come on out, little one, there is nothing to be afraid of." A Surskit poked its head out and then floated over the water. It didn't seem to be scared of us at all, which surprised me. Most small wild bug Pokemon would be nervous of the big humans tromping through the forest. I had to give the Pokemon props. But I wasn't too fond of the species.

"Would you like to try catching this little guy?" Chainy asked me. I looked at it down at the small blue Pokemon. It squeaked at me. I thought about catching it. I couldn't think of any good reasons why not to.

But apparently Charmeleon could. He started tugging my sleeve. I looked at him and he was pointing deeper into the forest. He grunted, almost angrily, telling me to look for stronger Pokemon. "Oh shush. We'll try to catch it." He folded his arms across his chest and grunted. "Fine then," I said as I pulled out his Pokeball and tapped him on the head. He was enveloped in a red light and sucked into the ball.

I threw another Pokeball at the ground. It bounced and released a red light then came back to me. The light formed into Dratini. She twirled around me and made an odd, happy, squeaking noise.

"We're gonna battle him, alright?" She squeaked again. "We'll start it off easy with Agility." Dratini squeaked once more and spun around me again and then began to float around in a circle with Surskit in the middle. She quickly became a blur. She continued to fly in a circle as we waited to see what Surskit would do.

OOC: I noticed, Dratini's Pokedex entries say that it sheds it skin to grow, but that its so rare its shed skin has never been seen. But its ability is Shed Skin. How do they manage that?

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