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I'm a deistic agnostic. My mother had a bit of a bout with paganism when I was very young but for most of my life she's been an atheist, and my grandmother shares my agnostic beliefs. I don't know or care about my father's religion.

I actually was born without a religion, so I'll explain why I believe what I do. I see too much pain and hardship to accept that there is a merciful God watching out for us, and too much joy and happiness to believe there could be a cruel one. On the other hand, there's too much perfection and beauty in nature for me to believe that the universe simply is. For instance, what are the possible odds that the moon of this planet, one of only two planets in the entire universe we know for sure could possibly sustain life (the other having just been discovered recently), and where life did develop, having a moon that is exactly the right size and exactly the right distance to create the perfect eclipse when it passes between us... I don't believe that could have just happened on its own.

As for the agnosticism though, I recognize that it's simply too freaking impossible for humans to possibly comprehend God and his/her/their/His/Her/Their will, and therefore don't think any of the organized religions is absolutely right. As far as I'm concerned, anyone's personal interpretation of God's will is their business.
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