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Originally Posted by Retro-Smasher View Post
Touchy topic is touchy.

Anyways, I'm personally a non-religious person, because it seems ridiculous and far fetched that there could be anything supernatural out there (other than ghosts of course :P) so I guess you can I'm a rationalist.

If anything, I'd probably be a pagan, because that whole ideal really appeals to me, but if I was forced into a religion, it'd be the Celtic religion. Basically, their idea of afterlife is having sex, killing each other, and eating as much as you want. Those damn Celts had the best folklore.
I guess it is sort of touchy, any topic that is related to religion is. But most of the comments don't really answer the main question of the topic, except yours.

Lord Khajmer, you seem to admire the moon. I love the moon, I think I might actually have worshipped Lady Luna if I was born agnostic~
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