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Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Budding religious scholar man incoming. You aren't technically Wiccan based on belief alone, it's a religion of practice. And since you can't learn the practices of Wicca except by being part of a coven, and since it's against the rules to initiate someone under the age of 18 due to the sexual aspects of it, no one can actually have always been Wiccan. You do have to actually join.

Notice: This is based on my personal research into the Wicca religion. There may be some covens out there who do initiate minors, however I do not know of them.
Well I didn't know that. She's ten years older then me so yeah. :P But that's interesting to know. She's told be some things about it and it's actually pretty interesting, but she hasn't gone into much depth though, I'm guessing she can't or something. *shrugs* But I'll ask her if she had to be 18 to join.
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