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OOC: Male, I'd say.

The Surskit squeaked happily while Dratini used Agility. I was glad it was willing to battle. It copied Dratini's actions and began to move in a circle mirroring Dratini's. I wasn't positive what I should do after he did that. It would be hard enough to hit him with only him using Agility, but with Dratini doing it too, and being the slower of the two, it would be nearly impossible to judge it right. I thought about it while the to zoomed in circles. Then it came to me.

"Dratini, use Thunder Wave. Just go straight down, don't aim for Surskit," I called to the Dragon Pokemon. The Surskit was floating on a pool of water, and although Dratini may not have been able to hit him, the water would conduct the electricity which should at least slow him down.

Dratini began to spark a bit and I could see yellow streaks in her circle. Then she shot down into the water and stopped just before crashing into the ground. The electricity crackled from her body through the water, hopefully to stop Surskit.

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