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Default Re: Gay/Les/Bi-Sexual/Straight

Oddly, my school, despite being in a quite conservative state, seems to be very tolerant towards the issue. There's a few openly lesbian/bisexual girls (quite a few of the latter, actually) and a couple of openly gay guys. The only time I've heard of harassment is when this one guy started taunting and harassing one girl for it, and the hour after it happened my whole math class wouldn't stop talking about how they wanted to break his neck for making her cry. So. Acceptance! Good things.

Still, I have to it wrong to laugh at a gay guy if he's one of the super-flamboyant ones? Because I find myself terribly amused by that subgroup, not because they're gay, but because they refuse to have other hobbies that don't somehow involve their gayness. Also, they're just plain funny.
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