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Default Re: Individual RP: sammy0295


Ranger Chainy


"Dratini, use Thunder Wave. Just go straight down, don't aim for Surskit," Sam called out.

Dratini squeaked a reply, and her circle began tinged ever so slightly yellow. When the yellow was clearly visible, the blur that was Dratini plunged down into the pool. The sparks coming off her travelled throughout the pool, both on the surface and underneath it. The electricity struck the Surskit, making it fall over. Thanks to the oil that coated its legs, however, it didn't fall underneath the water. It struggled to its feet, making ripples in the pond that moved outwards. Dratini stayed safely underneath the water - there was very little Surskit could do to attack it there as it wasn't an underwater creature.

"That was a good idea," I said to Sam. I looked over at the Surskit and saw that it was doing something strange. Its eyes were closed, and there was a slight coloured aura surrounding its head. The aura was a mixture of changing colours: black, purple, and dark blue. I didn't know exactly what it was doing, but Sam had better be careful - it was probably preparing for a combo attack, and Surskit had access to some moves that could seriously damage Dratini.


Current Battle Statistics:

Gentle Female Dratini: 100%, SPD+2 (used Thunder Wave)

??? ??? Surskit: 100%, SPD+2, PAR (using Mind Reader)


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Sam
Location: The Woods
Area Effects: 13 Encounters Remaining
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Silcoon(?); ??? Surskit(?)
Pokemon Captured: N/A
CC since last Encounter: 2892

Pokemon Statistics:

Hardy Male Charmeleon 100% (TM Sunny Day, TM Endure <Blaze Ability>)

Gentle Female Dratini 100% <out of Ball, in battle> (<Shed Skin Ability>)

Item Statistics:

7x Park Ball
1x Super Ball
5x Repel


EDIT: This run is closed cos it's been inactive for forever.
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