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Default Re: Gay/Les/Bi-Sexual/Straight

Originally Posted by Larvinator View Post
Still, I have to it wrong to laugh at a gay guy if he's one of the super-flamboyant ones? Because I find myself terribly amused by that subgroup, not because they're gay, but because they refuse to have other hobbies that don't somehow involve their gayness. Also, they're just plain funny.
Think about some group you're a part of and a stereotype around that. If you wouldn't mind people laughing at that stereotype, then I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Just remember that when people more sensitive to that kind of thing than you call you out, to be respectful of their wishes.

Anyway, I'm personally straight, but frankly I don't care about sexual orientation. My mother's bi, one of my best friends is bi, my former crush-now-good-friend is a lesbian, my sister's actually pansexual, and none of it makes any difference to me, cliche though it may sound.

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