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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)


Daylight was just beginning to break through the dark horizon as Ichiru manuevered through some stray trees on the outside of the city. He'd already quenched his thirst for the time being, so he need not worry about that now. He was a bit worried, attending a school filled with so many humans. He'd never been around more than three or four at a time. Would he be able to control himself around an entire class?

He shook his head, resting on a tree branch that overlooked the lake. Coming here always relaxed him somehow. When they were young, he and Kiseki had always played together at the lake. He watched the ripples in the water, completely forgetting about everything else for the several moments that he stared into the lake.

A strange scent greeted him, then. One that didn't belong with that of the water. It wasn't...strange, exactly - he was very familiar with it. His eyes scanned the shore and waters, and finally he spotted the source - a girl sitting on a rock near the water. So he had been right. There was someone here - and a human at that. He had to admit he was curious, though... What was someone doing out this early? He was different, being what he was, but what was a normal human doing out?

He debated with himself for several moments, trying to decide whether or not to go down there. She looked to be around his age - or his supposed age, so maybe she went to the high school. If that was the case, then if he got to know her, he'd at least have one person he knew at the school.

He sighed, having finally made his decision, and made sure his fangs were hidden before dropping down from the tree silently and making his way over to her.

"Little early to be out, don't you think?"

OoC: Gah, braindead. I'll post for Kiseki after some time's passed. He's the type that sleeps in xP
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