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Default Re: Pokemon: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Fan-Fic of the Year 2009 Runner-Up]

Darkrai glared back at Altair, evenly matching the Pikachu’s. “I… I have not lost!” With his good arm, he lashed out at the Light Pokemon, but Altair dodged with ease, his smirk rising higher. For a second, he even let out a gentle laugh, but it was cold.

“No, I’m pretty sure you’ve lost. And now I’m going to send you back. I don’t care where you came from, but you’re never getting out again!” The Light Pokemon thrust a paw into Darkrai’s chest, a beam of light spreading outwards from his palm.

Darkrai shuddered; Jirachi could see he was desperately trying to hang on, but he was losing. Soon it would all be over. Altair would sacrifice himself to save the world and send Darkrai into the Farplane. But… something wasn’t right. The light that pierced Darkrai began to grow dim and the shadow Pokemon raised a clawed hand to Altair’s, grasping it firmly.

“W-what?!” The Pikachu was momentarily stunned, the beam of light from his paw abruptly smothered by the darkness of Darkrai’s, and his smirk turning to an expression of utter amazement. “Let go of me, you brute! What are you doing!?”

“Ehehehe…” Darkrai’s almost silent cackle filled Jirachi’s ears as the wispy Pokemon reached a claw into his own body, near his heart. Altair’s eyes were wide, this time with fear. He obviously had no clue what Darkrai was doing anymore than Jirachi did. And he knew that he didn’t like it. The Pikachu tried to tug away, but to no avail; his strength had most likely drained from the battle. When Darkrai withdrew his claw, ever so slowly from his chest, a strange, dark matter oozed with it. It seemed to be pulsing, like it was almost alive somehow. A small red and black pulsating blob of dark matter.

Altair could do nothing as it was plunged into his own chest. His cry was lost as his eyes fluttered, his light aura fading rapidly, turning first purple and then black. The Pikachu’s scream was demonic, altered by the dark matter. His fur turned a dull grey, his stripes turned a piercing black and his eyes grew hollow; a glazed, hollow red that seemed almost familiar to Jirachi.

The Light Pokemon across the field grew chaotic. Without warning, they rushed towards Darkrai with utter hatred for what he was doing to their leader. One by one they tried to reach him and were repelled by a dark force invisible to their eyes. The Three Powers, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf had stopped their rapid flight patterns and were crying out to Altair, but their voices never reached him. The Light Pokemon was too far under now, and Jirachi could tell what was happening. For he had seen those eyes somewhere before. The same eyes Altair now had… he had seen many times within Deoxys.

As quickly as he had plunged his paw within Altair, Darkrai withdrew it, dragging with him an essence of pure white. Altair’s figure crumpled on the ground, his fur still grey and matted, his eyes glazed red. Even from the distance away that Jirachi was, he could hear the Pikachu’s ragged breathing that was steadily growing worse.

“Sierra…” he whimpered softly. “I don’t understand why Altair is… is dark.” But part of him knew what it was. Darkrai had taken all of Altair’s light essence, and left him only with the darkness that he held; and so he was no longer a Light Pokemon, but a Dark one.

The Pikachu’s paws slowly grasped the ragged ground beneath him. Ever so slowly, Altair dragged himself up off the gravel. Though he wavered, he never fell. His red eyes scanned the battlefield warily. All of these Pokemon rushing towards him… they were intruders. And intruders had to die for entering enemy territory!

Altair growled and launched several blasts of dark energy from his paws towards the remaining Light Pokemon, and the Freedom Fighters. Stunned, they never had a chance. Most were killed instantly; demolished and incinerated by Altair’s attacks. Scry and Trix avoided the blasts, dodging them just in time, and raced towards the now dark Pikachu. They didn’t attack him, but merely dodged all the attacks sent their way; they obviously hoped they could save Altair.

Darkrai stood behind the Pikachu, smiling with glee and fondling a small ball of white, red and black energy within his claws. With this energy he could create what he had hoped to achieve; an army of infinite Light and Dark Pokemon! A new era would soon be born; a new creation would lead the way. Now that he had stolen Altair’s Light powers, and the Pikachu attacked his own kin, he would be free to walk away. Free to live as he pleased. He watched as they fell, one by one, and grinned.

Scry and Trix had reached their limit, too. As Altair stepped over their crumpled bodies, they could do nothing but gasp in surprise. The Pikachu smiled and raised a foot deftly before bringing it down upon their necks.

Both Jirachi and Sierra heard the crunch and turned away, unable to watch anymore. Now he knew that Altair was never a hero. He tried and failed. The Pikachu was Darkrai’s pawn in the end and only ended up killing his own teammates. The wish Pokemon’s anger had sparked. How he had ever admired him he would never know! Now all he wanted was to return to the world, the Farplane, and torture Altair like he murdered his own kind!

Now that the battlefield was empty, it was all over. Altair turned to Darkrai, the only Pokemon left on the field. He stared for what seemed like an eternity, unblinking, unmoving. His chest heaved with heavy breathing, his fur holding the clotted blood of others. All traces of the Light Pokemon had vanished.

“Come now,” Darkrai called to Altair. “You and I will rule the world, side by side. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

The air was eerily quiet as the Pikachu stood still and continued to stare. “Yes,” came the hollow reply. “It is all I ever wanted.” He glared, twisting his head to the remains of his teammates. “They were all holding me back. I never wanted to be one of them. I am better, stronger now.”

Darkrai was satisfied with the answer and turned, Altair following him up the path to the mountain. He still held the ball of energy within his claws, only one of them didn’t seem to like the others. The white energy he had pulled from Altair was struggling, sparking out wildly at the Dark Pokemon. A red hot burning sensation spread through Darkrai’s claw and he dropped the ball of energy, the white spark thrashing and breaking away from the others. It flickered madly and flew through the air until it hit the Pikachu’s body, knocking the air clean from him as he crashed into the ground. Altair growled and struggled, holding a claw over his chest, scratching away at it and not seeming to care about the gashes he was needlessly causing.

“STOP THE BURNING!” he shouted into the night, sending yowls of pain through the air. “ARGH!” But Jirachi and Sierra were frozen and for once, Darkrai was too. As Altair’s thrashing slowly subsided, his fur grew brighter, the darkness fading. The two energies held within his body fought for control. The Pikachu finally coughed and spluttered, a dark matter flowing from his mouth. As it did so, his breathing softened and his fur returned to the normal white it used to be. The darkness was forced out from his body and sent back towards Darkrai, who cursed. He had never imagined Altair’s will to be stronger than his own. But it didn’t matter; everyone was now dead and he had still won.

Still somewhat triumphant, he turned, scooped up the ball of energy and took a step. But that was as far as he would ever get. Darkrai’s face paled to a dull grey, his eyes widening with surprise. His vision grew hazy and wavered, but he turned it towards the ground and it focused enough for him to see a white paw forcing its way through his chest – straight through his dark heart. The dark energy held within his claw fell to the ground and flowed down to the earth.

Wasting no time, Altair opened a door to the Farplane; a sphere of white light that acted as a dimensional hole between two worlds. Withdrawing his paw he forced Darkrai into it and watched as he disappeared into the white light, forever bound to the Underworld. He sighed heavily and turned. Letting his guard down was the last thing he should have done. A dark claw reached out and swiped through Altair’s body. Stunned, the Pikachu staggered and fell into the portal, unable to close it in time. A second later it vanished, leaving Jirachi and Sierra alone on the field. Completely and utterly alone.

It had all happened so fast, there was almost no time to see any of it. Darkrai had turned Altair into one of them, but his Light energy had rebelled and forced the darkness from his body, though too late. The Light Pokemon had killed his kin. He had then killed Darkrai, only to be careless and taken with him. But... the energy still remained. Red… and black.

Their time grew short and Jirachi could feel his body tingling. He knew this feeling, as he had felt it before, not too long ago. He knew enough to know that he was fading from this dream realm. As his vision blurred he strained to see through the clouds, but he was able to discern one thing. The dark matter that still lived began to take shape, writhing and wailing. Several blurred tentacles formed and a howl so ear-splitting erupted from the darkness. Jirachi cried out and the Pokemon turned. But it couldn’t see him, could it? He wasn’t there.

All the same, the Pokemon stared straight at him. Stared at him with hollow red eyes.


OH MY GOD AN UPDATE. Yes, I know the last part is really rushed but I just wanted it out.
Hopefully now I can start getting back on track. Thanks for waiting, guys!

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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