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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

"Ichiru." he had responded with a smile. "So you're new in town?" Ashley watched as he paused to pick up the things she had dropped and offered them to her. Ashley took them from Ichiru and nodded her head.

"I'm pretty much knew, well to the school that is. I live with my aunt now and my brother and I use to come here during the holidays to visit her. I know the area and everything but just never stayed long enough to make any friends. Well me and my brother made one friend while visiting here during the years."

"I've just come here myself, but I used to live here when I was younger." Ichiru said.

"Yeah it's pretty nice here." Ashley shifted her gaze over to the lake where she looked out to the water, then over to the rebuilt bridge. They had to replace some of the metal that was damaged when her parent's car crashed off the bridge. Ashley zoned out for a few seconds as she stared out onto the bridge and replaying that night in her head. It still bothered her how she got out of the lake, but she shook it off and looked over at Ichiru. Ashley put the plastic bottle in her bag along with the empty wrapper and took out her cell phone, looking at the time.

"Ah crap..." Ashley said to herself as she looked up at Ichiru. "I'm gonna be late for school. Being late on the first day won't exactly look good." Ashley chuckled a little bit as she walked over to her car that was only parked a few feet away. She opened the door to the driver's side but didn't go in yet, then looking over at Ichiru. "Do you want a ride to school or something?" Ashley asked with a sweet smile.

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