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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

Ashley took the bottle and wrapper Ichiru had offered her before responding to him.

"I'm pretty much knew, well to the school that is. I live with my aunt now and my brother and I use to come here during the holidays to visit her. I know the area and everything but just never stayed long enough to make any friends. Well me and my brother made one friend while visiting here during the years." After Ichiru informed her that he'd lived in Fells Church as a child, she said, "Yeah, it's pretty nice here."

Her gaze shifted to the lake then, and the bridge that crossed it high above the waters. It had been rebuilt awhile back, after someone had an accident and gone off the side. Although it hadn't been him, nor had anything to do with him, Ichiru couldn't help but feel bad when looking at the bridge and thinking of that. He really felt sorry for the people who had drove off of the side, and had to wonder if they had even survived.

"Ah crap..." Ichiru snapped out of his train of thought and looked back to Ashley when she spoke again. She had put away the bottle and wrapper by now and was looking at her cell phone. She looked up at Ichiru. "I'm gonna be late for school. Being late on the first day won't exactly look good." She chuckled a bit and walked over to a car parked nearby. She opened the door for the driver's seat, but paused, not getting in yet. Ichiru started to ask her what was wrong, but stopped when she turned at looked back at him, asking with a sweet smile, "Do you want a ride to school or something?"

Ichiru started to decline out of instinct, having kept away from humans for so long, but after a few moments' thought, he returned the smile, responding with a nod.

"If it wouldn't cause you any trouble, sure."
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