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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Pokemon Elemental - The #1 Source for all your Pokemon Needs!
What is Pokemon Elemental?

Pokemon Elemental is a Site Owned by Sanjay Vig which fulfills every Pokemon Lover's Needs.

List of Useful things it Provides

Pokemon Elemental is not only a Forum Community, It also has a Main Site from which you can have:-
Sprite Counter - All Pokemon Release Sprites (Including Pokemon Black and White,Pokemon Pinball,Torzei and Mystery Dungeon too.)

Pokedex Section - We've have two Flash Pokedex i.e Sinnoh and National which can be Downloaded.

Action Replay/Gameshark Codes Section - We provide Gameshark and Action Replay codes of Pokemon Games which's link can be easily found on the Front Page.

FAQ/Walkthrough - We provide full support of Pokemon Game Guides which helps people to go through their Game easily.

Forum Sections
In our Forums Section, Discussions can be made in different ways like Pokemon Discussion,Pokemon Chat,Other Related Discussion or Chat,etc. We also hold regular Forum Contests from which you can earn something special withing the Forum. (example : a Moderator or Global Moderator Rank,An Official Rank,etc)

PEF Breeder RPG
Yes! its true, We hold our Own and Original Pokemon Breeder RPG which is played within the Threads and Forums.Signup to Pokemon Elemental and have some fun from our RPG Section.

Affiliation Opened
We are currently affiliating other sites with us in exchange with our backlink to their sites.
If you too have your own site and want it to get popular, then apply affiliation with us.

Links to Pokemon Elemental
You can access Pokemon Elemental from the link below

Regards : PEF Administrator -Dartz/Sanjay

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