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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

"If it wouldn't cause you any trouble, sure." Ichiru had responded.
"It's no trouble at all." Ashley got in the car and closed the door behind her. Once Ashley had reached the school's parking lot, she saw her brother's car next to Bonnie's near the back. Ashley pulled up and parked on the end next to Jeremy's. Once she got out her phone began to ring and Ashley quickly grabbed it from her bag, seeing Bonnie calling.

"Hey Bonnie. I'm in the parking lot."
"Yay!" Bonnie almost screamed, her end of the line cutting short. Ashley just stood there puzzled for a minute before putting her phone on silent and back into the bag. About a hundred feet away the doors to the side of the school bursted open and Bonnie came out running towards Ashley with her arms out, Jeremy following behind but only walking.

"Oh dear..." Ashley said as she braced herself for Bonnie's tight hug. Bonnie pretty much jumped into the air and almost tackled Ashley onto the ground. Luckily her car was there to catch her balance.

"We've missed you so much! I'm so glad that you're finally here. I have loads to tell you!" Bonnie said in excitement as Jeremy finally made it over to the group. Ashley smiled and Bonnie let Ashley go.

"Guys this is Ichiru. We met over by the lake." Ashley said as she looked over at Ichiru, then over to Jeremy and Bonnie.

"Hey, my name's Jeremy. I'm Ashley's twin brother." Jeremy said in a friendly tone. Bonnie just looked at Ichiru with an confused look for a few seconds.

"You're name is Ichiru? I'm so so so sorry. Even though we haven't really talked before I thought your name was Kiseki all these years." Bonnie said, feeling a little stupid. Ashley and Jeremy exchanged laughter as Ashley hugged Bonnie.

"Bonnie I love you." Ashley smiled as she walked a few feet in front of everyone, then turning her head. "We better get inside. Jeremy, we have to go to the office."

"And so the day begins..." Jeremy sighed and followed his sister, along with Bonnie. Bonnie didn't want to leave Ichiru by himself so she stopped in her tracks and looked over at him.

"You coming?" Bonnie asked in a playful voice, then turning back around and began walking again. Jeremy and Ashley reached the office and saw a woman at the front desk.

"Hi. My name is Jeremy Gilbert. This is my sister Ashley Gilbert. We're new students here."

"Ah yes, we've been expecting you. Hold on just a moment." said the woman as she walked to another desk and pulled out a few pieces of paper. She returned to the twins and handed them both two pieces of paper. "One is your class schedule and the other is a map of the whole school. Your teachers have been informed that you may be late the next few days to your classes since you're new so don't worry about being late."

"Okay thank you." Ashley said.

"Good luck you two." said the woman as she logged onto her computer. The twins compared each others classes and was surprised that every single one of their classes were the same.

"Wow." Jeremy said as he looked at his sister.

"Looks like we have History first." Ashley responded. After a few minutes of finding their first class, they knocked on the door and had every eye in the room look at them. "Hi, we're new students here."

"Ah yes, come in come in. It's Ashley and Jeremy Gilbert right?"

"Yes sir." Jeremy responded.

"My name is Mr. Alaric Saltzman. My students just call me Alaric or Rick, but you can call me whatever. There's a few seats open so you can go pick one. Your books are right over here." Alaric walked over to his desk and picked up two heavy text books, then handing them to the twins. The twins took the books and headed over to the middle of the room where two seats were opened next to each other.
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