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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church PG-13 (edited and redone)

After Saquatch left, I took care of all my animals and got in my truck, my binturong, Popcorn, hopped on my shoulder and we drove to the high school to meet with an old friend.

As I entered the classroom, I was reminded of the musty old scent of Magnus's ancient artifacts. He was a bear of a man that taught world history at the school. He was also the wrestling and boxing coach as well as an infamous russian vampire hunter.

"Alan, how are ye doin this fine mornin." He said, his deep, accented voice reverberated in the room. He shook my hand with such vigor I could barely feel it. Popcorn leapt from my shoulder and climbed up Magnus's massive, scraggly beard to perch on his bald head like a shaggy fur hat.

"I'm doing fine, how's Lucille?" I asked the burly man. Lucille was the English teacher at the school and one of my first crushes. However, she was a terrifying girl and scared the supernatural beings she hunted even more than they scared civilians. She was also a ruthless fighter. She had been a great asset at the Chichen Itza battle.

"Why ask Magnus when I'm standing right here?" She asked as she materialized in the doorway, fingering a crucifix around her neck. She was tall and thin and had long brown hair, much like Michael, her husband (not the previous Michael I had mentioned). She had a confident stride and piercing eyes. she always seemed to be staring at my soul.

"I'm doing fine, thank you Alan." She said, as she gave me a crushing hug. She then turned and left the room. "I have to prepare for the first day of school, there's a new student and we want to make her feel welcome."

"Ah, yes, her name was Ashley right?" Said Magnus. He began to right the days lesson plan on his chalkboard. That was the fun thing about him, he never used anything invented after 1975 in class.

"Well, I got to go visit Michael at the antique shop." I said as I left the room. As I got in my truck, I saw the students rushing into the school and remembered I had forgotten Popcorn with Magnus. I shrugged, the binturong loved to spend time with the old history teacher and they'd be fine.

I walked into the antique shop/book store and rung the bell. A tall, lean man walked up polishing a huge longsword.

"Good day Alan, any news about the Reds?" He asked.

"Yep, thanks to Dresden, they're gone for good." I said, pulling out a couple of old colt revolvers that were falling apart.

"Can I get these repaired, and a little ammo, I'm running out." I said, placing some money on the table.

"Sure, come back at 5:00 tonight and they'll be ready." He said, placing his sword on a wall rack.
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