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Default Re: Meteor Valley

Meteor Valley Main RP: AUFan

Ranger Rusty Anderson

Alden expressed an interest in Ghost-types, a type that also inhabited this area, though they aren't as abundant as the Psychic or Dark-types. Fortunately, I had a hunch where the Ghost-types liked to gather.

"Okay, follow me," I said, turning left.

The Ghost-types who inhabited Meteor Valley liked the dark shroud of the forest surrounding the crater. The closer we got to the edge of the valley, the more likely we were to find a spectre or two. After a few minutes of walking, I heard a faint cry.

"Espeon!" a Pokemon cried out.

"Oh, there's an Espeon somewhere near here," I said.

I glanced about, turning left and right, until I found a limber pink cat nearby. Espeon was eyeing us carefully, taking a keen interest in Alden's Umbreon.

"It's not a Ghost-type, but Espeon is pretty rare," I said, turning to Alden, "still, it's your call. What do you want to do?"

Trainer Stats

Name: Alden Umstar
Bag: 6 Park balls, 4 Super balls, 2 Full heals, 3 Max potions
Remaining Encounters: 14

Money: 2,500
Encountered Pokemon: Espeon
Captured Pokemon: None

Pokemon: Umbreon(F/Calm/Synchronize) - 100% EMs: Toxic(Out of Ball)
Flareon(M/Adamant/Flash Fire) - 100%
Shiftry(M/Impish/Chlorophyll) - 100% EMs: Solarbeam

Current Encounter: Espeon(?/Modest/Synchronize) - 100%
Rarity: Rare(56,000 MCR)
Progress: 5,537

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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