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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Quick and crappy sign-up is quick and crappy, because I just remembered I need one of these, as a ranger...that is, once someone (ANYONE. Please...) needs escorting.

Ranger SU:
Name: Calvin Likely
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Calvin, often called Cal, can be described as "slick". He's smart, but only when he needs to squeeze out of tough situations, and his general laziness is his greatest bane. He will always do the bare minimum of work required, but enjoys watching other people fret about. He thinks its amusing. However, he is handy and an amiable person- a man who strolls through life on rosy paths and tries to not fret about what life throws at him.
Description: Calvin's ethnicity is somewhat in question- with black hair and small-ish, brown eyes, people assume him to be British, Chinese, and, according to Twerp's Peerage, the long lost descendant of King William le Klee III. The fact remains that the grubby little Ranger has pale skin and Oriental features, and tends to put on the first thing he grabs in the morning. His hair is usually uncombed and cropped short, and even when he puts on a suit, he still looks a little messy and uncoordinated. He usually wears a signature purple bandanna, a testament to his home in Lavender Town.
Pop (Drifloon, M, Calm)
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