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Default Re: Individual RP; DarkGardevoir

OOC: I think this is an NBP.. if it's not , please correct me DG. Also, Gender please =)


The Parkball engulfed the small cat Pokemon, and landed with a thud on the ground, wobbling once, and twice, before a resounding click echoed in the air, and the Parkball remained still. Talon moved forward, picking up the ball, and placing it in his satchel, turning to look at the trainer with a smile. Talon was quite impressed with how the trainer had battled, and had been surprised over how powerful the Skitty had been.

"Nice job there." Talon congratulated Brisbane. "So, you want to carry on then? I'll look after the Skitty until the end of the run."

Talon placed the satchel over his shoulder, and offered a smile to the trainer, as he awaited the response, whether Brisbane would continue further into the gardens, or head back with the Skitty.

Trainer Stats
Trainer: Brisbane Kreutzhart
Location: Botanic Gardens
Area Effects: Cloudy. Not much Sunlight.
Total Items: 1x Full Restore, 4x Max Potion, 5x Hyper Balls, 1x Type Repellent, 1x Ranger's Delight, 1x Supreme Park Ball
Encounters Remaining: 14

Character Count: 0
Pokemon Encountered: Docile ??? Skitty
Pokemon Captured: Docile ??? Skitty

Battle Statistics

Pokemon Stats
Firada the Magmortar(Male. Bashful) 54% PSN
Saudaje the Jynx(Female. Careful) 100%
Lybel the Flygon(Female. Jolly) 100%

Pokemon: Magmortar
Name: Firada [Male]
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Flame Body
Extra Moves:Extra Moves: [Counter MT] [Barrier EM] [MudSlap TM] [Sleep Talk TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Taunt TM] [Rock Tomb TM] [Rock Slide TM] [WillOWisp TM] [FocusPunch TM] [Overheat TM] [FocusBlast TM] [Attract TM] [SecretPower Tm] [Teleport TM] [Toxic TM]

Pokemon: Jynx
Name: Saudaje [Female]
Nature: Careful
Ability: Forewarn
Extra Moves: [IceBeam TM] [Toxic TM] [PsychUp TM] [Protect TM] [SleepTalk TM] [Snore TM] [CalmMind TM] [ShadowBall TM] [EnergyBall TM] [Substitute TM] [Bubblebeam TM] [Wish BM] [FakeOut BM] [SweetScent TM] [Taunt TM] [GrassKnot TM] [Teleport TM] [SecretPower TM]

Pokemon: Flygon
Name: Lybel [Female]
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Levitate
Extra moves: [Toxic TM] [Flamethrower TM] [SunnyDay TM] [Solarbeam TM] [Iron TailTM] [RockSmashHM] [DefogHM] [MT Draco Meteor] [MT Outrage] [Stone Edge TM] [U-turn TM] [Roost TM] [Steel Wing TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Protect TM] [QuickAttack BM] [ThunderPunch MT] [HiddenPowerIce TM
[paired with DarkAmethyst a.k.a angel-chan] URPG stats Ranger Log

Credit to Neo Pikachu for the avatar.

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