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Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
So I did one at Shen's request, as a narration to his fic United in Arms, which could be found right here:

The Trial of Juno: United in Arms - The Prologue

Yes, thanks to Soundforge, I was able to mix some nice music that fits the mood in there. So yeah, that's what I sound like. If you want me to be a voice actor in whatever part you have planned, just let me know.
Oh wow... That was awesome! Even though I haven't read that fic, what I got from the dialogue, your voice was perfect for it. And the music just added to the affect you get when you are listening.

Now I really want to voice act a scene of my fic, but it would have to be when two female characters enter since I cannot get my voice low enough to sound like a guy's voice. And I also don't think I have a recording program on my computer, and I know I don't have a microphone. So yeah, I'm a little SOL in that department.
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