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Default INDESTRUCTIBLE - Kumori Gem|XaiakuX [shop]

indestructible [ˌɪndɪˈstrʌktəbəl]
incapable of being destroyed; very durable
indestructibility*, indestructibleness n
indestructibly* adv


Welcome, fellow pe2kers, to Indestructible; a strongly bound graphics shop run by yours truly and my good friend, Caleb, possibly better known as XaiakuX.
Without further ado, cause I suck at intros, letís get down to business.
XaiakuX: Pssh, YOU ain't running diddly, this was my idea, buddy. >.>


Thread created by: Kumori Gem
Idea for thread by: XaiakuX
Chief Editor: XaiakuX
Chief of Staff: Kumori Gem
Awesome Ninja Guy: XaiakuX
Awesome Ninja Guy: Kumori Gem

so, what do you do?
We make banners/tags, avatars, wallpapers and perhaps some other stuff, if you feel like the need to request it. Weíre fairly flexible.

are there rules?
Why yes. Yes, there are. Please follow these and no one dies, or gets mutilated, or possibly unceremoniously ravaged gets banned.

  • Please give credit; no one likes a thief.
  • Use the form; itís there for a reason.
  • Follow all pe2k rules; that includes no flaming, spamming or trolling.
  • Steal and you will be reported. We will find you.
  • This isnít a business for profit; be patient and have respect.

XaiakuX: I love a good troll, but not in the work place.
For laughs, just to make sure you read these, place a pretty little "I love Space Moo" somewhere in your post.
You don't really have to, but it's a funny thing to see.
the form;

Use this if youíre making a request. I have the right to ignore any request that does not use this form.
I work better without restraints, so if you feel like just giving me a render and telling me to go crazy, all the better!

Note; XaiakuX does not require use of the form if you are requesting from him.
Size; Pixels only. (Default is 400x150)
Colour Theme;
Image(s); Renders; links preferred; will take up to three images.
Main Text;
Border; Iíll supply a border if you like; Iíll choose what looks best.
Matching Avatar; Yes; no?
Avatar Text;
Extra; Anything else you wish to add
to note;

I do have University to attend, and a lifeÖ nah, I canít even lie. I have no life.
But really, I have other stuff outside of this forum. If I donít get to your request within a few days, most likely Iím away or busy.
Please feel free to notify me via VM/PM, MSN, AIM, Facebook, Twitter or whatever else I have to let me know.
If you need it urgently, perhaps my partner Caleb will assist you.

XaiakuX: I have work and future college duties, but I'll do it on my free time if I'm not attacking concerts.
Also, I don't need a form. You give me a picture and colours, and I'll give you something MAGICAL! =D
You can contact me on: AIM, Yahoo, MSN, VM/PM, Facebook, MyYearbook,, Myspace, Twitter, and you
can always ask for my number, if I'm REALLY NOT on any of those. But only if you live in the United States.. :3

Ever heard of Member of the Month/Season/Year? My awards can be found here;
XaiakuX: I got Silver for Best Male once. But, that is irrelevant.

I have a graphics gallery located here;
XaiakuX: I had one of these once..

If you love our art, visit our Deviant Art accounts by clicking below;

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
.......................--> art duo with: Xanthe | bff: k_pop |
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