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Default Re: Hello, I'm New, but you already knew that :)

Originally Posted by Professor Geoffrey View Post
Hey! Welcome to PE2K! This is a pretty awesome forum. It's pretty much the best forum I've found anywhere (it's way better than Serebii and all those other forums; they're ruthless over there. xP). I learned a lot in my four (really, five) years here on the forums. Most people like to do the URPG and all things related to that. From what I know, we have great role players here, and we also have very creative graphic artists and writers here. Get involved, and definitely learn all you can.

Oh, not that you've broken any rules, but it's just something many people do say when people introduce themselves anywhere; read the rules! They can also provide you with some info about the forum that you may want to know, but it's generally just a good idea to read something. I've known people that innocently posted here and broke rules they didn't know existed. It's all fun and games until someone gets an IP ban. Just saying. xP

Anyway, all in all, welcome to the forum! ^_^
Wait, new members aren't supposed to make a Topic in the New Member Introduction section? If so, can someone explain why?
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