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Default Re: URPG National Park Halloween Party!


You get 3k plus a free TM (under 5k) from the mart just for attending.

Team Pokémon wins Murkrow costume (10k characters of the MCR) for 15k
HiPs gets Gastly for 50k
Nyrugh gets Poochyena with Mach Battery for 46k
DarkGardevoir gets Seedot and Shuppert for 2965o
Near gets Houndour for 25k
Ebail gets Stunky with costume (7k characters of the MCR) for 23k
Neonsands gets Zubat and Cacnea and a status bomb for 25k
Monbrey gets Sableye for 25k
Dog of Hellsing gets Spinakark and a costume (3k characters of the MCR) for 31.5k

Ayotui wins Kricketot
Buzzer wins a Natu

Rockman and Ayouti got Vespiquens tear
Evanfardreamer got Oaks Hoax
DarkGardevoir and Team Pokemon win a Park Voucher (cuts the price of one item in half)
Calamity wins Super Park Voucher (cuts the price of a purchase in half)
Dirt Shovel + Super Squirt Nozzle go to Rockman
Status Bomb goes to Ataro, Nyrugh, Buzzer Chain Reaction, Dancing Dodo, and Lightning Fast
Kanga and Maverik Kraiser get Mach Batter
Jess got two costumes (6k characters of the MCR(2x)) for 30k
1k Park credits go to Legendary Master , Lightning Fast, Dodo, Chain Reaction(2x)
2k Park credits go to Mubz and Legendary Master
3k park credits go to DG
hikaruizumi12 gets 1 repellent, 1 family repellent, and 1 type repellent
Monbrey gets 2 type repellent1 1 normal repellent
Neonsands gets a costume (7k characters of the MCR)
Sennyo gets 2 superballs and 1 type repellent
SpiderC, WinterVines, Stinky, Lightningfast, Leman, iReign get 1k park creditz + Normal Fragrance
Gmandiddy gets a costume (5k characters of the MCR)

New items and their effects

Super Squirt Nozzle: Fix this gadget to the Squirt Bottle (must be owned) to upgrade it to the finest level. With this, you are able to net 3x $1000 Berries in any Berry Patch its used in.

Oak’s Hoax: This little clank should go under any ParkBall/SuperBall. Adds 15% to the final capture rate.

Add this to the abandoned compartment in the back of the PokeDoll to give it life. Throw it at a Pokémon to distract it for an ample amount of time, giving you an open opportunity to attack at full force. Does 15% Damage.

Vespiquen’s Tear: Add this ingredient to your Honey. Enhances your chances to 95%
from the usual 50%.

Dirt Shovel: Creates a Berry Patch (self-explanatory)

Status Smoke Bomb: Inflicts one Status (rolled by Ranger) to the Wild Pokémon encountered, and it’s Eco-Friendly!
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