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OOC: Yeah, that's cool.

Lanturn smiled, thinking calmly to itself, wondering how it would be able to defeat its enemy. I could see it thinking, and knowing the nature of the fish, it needed some moral support when deliberating over moves. I gave a short grin as I figured out how to gain an advantage, and called to Delta, "How about, to start things off, light up the area by using illuminate to clear the dense mist away. Follow up with a Confuse Ray!"

Lanturn charged up energy in the bulbs located on her antennae by using her energy source. The electricity pumped through her veins like blood flows through the human body, and once it reached the yellow bulbs, started to glow. The energy continued to pulse through her body to complete the circuit. It was simple science.

Once she had lit the area up, Lanturn released a swirling beam of energy out of her mouth. Since it was in the water, it only looked like a few ripples and a couple of bubbles, but to the Poliwag, it seemed a lot worse, giving it a nauseating headache, living it disorientated.

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