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Default Re: Hello fellow forum people :D

Welcome to PE2K! I'm Geoffrey; not necessarily a veteran member yet (is four years considered veteran? I know it's been around for ten years, but...), but I've been around for a while. There's a lot you can get into; URPG, roleplaying, ASB, graphics artistry, fanfiction, competitive battling (for DPPt, HGSS, and BW, of course), and other things that you can do however often you like just for fun, like our Other: Chat board and our Pokemon: General Discussion board. Just watch out for our Other: Discussion board, because it gets a little rowdy over there with debates and everything. So, unless you feel particularly strongly about something or you're in your school's debate club and need some practice debating, try to stay away from that.

But again, welcome, read the rules before you start posting, and get ready for the most obsessive fun you probably will ever have!
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