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Default Re: INDESTRUCTIBLE - Kumori Gem/XaiakuX [shop]

Originally Posted by Jack Frost View Post
Hey there :) I would prefer if Kumori Gem would be able to do my request? I just prefer his/her style but if not then I would love XaiakuX to do then, I just think Kumori's style would fit the theme better.

Size; Default will do
Colour Theme; Blues, white and silvers. Colours to do with Ice.
Main Text; Heroes never die
Sub-Text; Jack Frost
Border; Whatever you think looks nice
Matching Avatar; Yes please
Avatar Text; Jack
Extra; Take your time :)
Don't let him lie to you. He's totally a guy. =]

By the way my style changes more than my hair style. Which is often, for those who don't know.
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