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In the Spoiler is a special bit based from my fanfic, which doesnt have much speech, so yeah. If anybody would like to voice the below segment, Keiru is Male, and Sotila is Female ^^. Hehe.


"Sotila, what are you doing here?" Keiru asked, a tone of worry in his voice. "This is a battlefield, you should be remaining back at Beachcoast city."

"Keiru, where is the excitement in remaining back at home?" Sotila asked, sighing. "I mean, it's fun and all being in a city as grand as Beachcoast, however, I want to live on the moment, seek the thrill and adrenaline of battle, which I sadly will not find sat back in the city."

"Are you crazy? If anything were to happen to you." Keiru growled, anger swelling up inside him.

"If. It's always if with you. If isn't certain!" Sotila argued. "I could get hurt, yes, but will I? No. The chances are slim, and anyway, I thought you would be protecting me if I was on the battlefield anyway, you said so yourself."

"Oh, not this again..." Keiru sighed. "I said that thinking you wouldn't be stupid enough to actually come to the battlefield, but clearly I was wrong."

"Stupid? You're calling me stupid?" Sotila roared in anger. "The nerve of you! How can you be so cruel and foolish to call me stupid, you foul man!"

"Sotila, wait!" Keiru called out, and Sotila sighed. "Look, I-I'm sorry, alright? I just don't want anything to happen to you, is that too much to ask for?"

"Well, no, it's not." Sotila responded after a moment's hesitation. "But, where is the excitement in remaining back at the city? Can I at least accompany you in battle?"

"I-Yo-We-N-Fine." Keiru spluttered, before recomposing himself. "Fine, but don't get in my way."

"Get in your way? Don't make me laugh." Sotila chuckled softly. "You won't even notice I'm here, trust me."

"Yeah, I won't even notice you're here." Keiru whispered to himself sarcastically.

"What did you say?" Sotila asked.

"Nothing." Keiru replied hastily. "Let's get going."

Anywho, nice job Giratina and Suicune =)
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