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Default Re: Voice Acting

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
What the hell, might as well.

So, uh, that's my voice as it would come out on a wad of recording software. ^ ^b
xDD I kinda expected you to sound like that! xDD Hehe, nice. x)

Originally Posted by Tombi View Post
I'm finding it really hard to remain in my murky depths now that this has arrived...
*contemplates returning just for this*

Originally Posted by Kaioo View Post
In the Spoiler is a special bit based from my fanfic, which doesnt have much speech, so yeah. If anybody would like to voice the below segment, Keiru is Male, and Sotila is Female ^^. Hehe.

Anywho, nice job Giratina and Suicune =)
Squee! I could do that if you'd like me to! 8D

Aw, thanks. x)

Originally Posted by Kumori Gem View Post
YAY. I recorded this in a rush before I had to leave so hopefully it's not too bad. xD

Clicky to listen!
Teeheehee, your adorable baby voice. xDDD How could I ever forget that?

Originally Posted by Elecii View Post
I gotta do one of those voice tests.

I love your voices, GS, Giratina and Gem. I'll sound so weird, although you've already heard my voice, GS. I have an English accent, so compared to all you guys, I'll probably sound really odd. xD
Hehe, you should. x)

Thank you! 8D Haha, you don't sound weird. xDD Hahaha, I think it's funny two of us who have sampled our voices are Aussies. xD

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
Okay, I have a need for voices for a script I'm putting together. It's a... comedy of sorts.

The following parts need voicing:

Kenny - Female Voice (the higher the pitch, the more fitting)

Rust - Weird Voice (can also be robotic, young, bizarre, and/or any other number of things)

Sarah - Female Voice

Serebii Joe - Extremely weird voice
*is suspicious* Hmm...all names of mods I know... xD ('Cept Serebii Joe.)

I could do Sarah. 8D If my voice fits the character, that is. xDD

@Lavinator: xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD "This automatically makes my voice 50% less cool." xDDDD Nice. xDD Well you sound cool anyway! xD

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