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Default Re: Individual RP; DarkGardevoir


The Magmortar unleashed the burst of fiery, powerful flames in the direction of the Oddish, before using its psychic power to control the spiral of flames, which took the shaping of a snake, and then the snake shot towards the Oddish. The small grass Pokemon stared in shock at the fire snake, and was frozen in place as the flames smashed into its body. The Oddish went flying backwards, landing with a thud. Slowly, it struggled to its feet, and stared up at the Magmortar, and burst out crying as it ran away, disappearing into the treeline.

"Seems you scared it off." Talon sighed. "Let us continue, and hope we find something that you will like."

Talon began to walk once more, leading Brisbane, his trainer, down the path. The sun was gleaming magnificently in the sky, and the heat from it was slightly high.

Trainer Stats
Trainer: Brisbane Kreutzhart
Location: Botanic Gardens
Area Effects: N/A
Total Items: 1x Full Restore, 4x Max Potion, 4x Hyper Balls, 1x Type Repellent, 1x Ranger's Delight, 1x Supreme Park Ball
Encounters Remaining: 14

Character Count: 0

Pokemon Encountered: Docile Male Skitty, ??? ??? Oddish,
Pokemon Captured: Docile Male Skitty

Battle Statistics

Pokemon Stats
Firada the Magmortar(Male. Bashful) 62%
Saudaje the Jynx(Female. Careful 100%
Lybel the Flygon(Female. Jolly) 100%

Pokemon: Magmortar
Name: Firada [Male]
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Flame Body
Extra Moves:Extra Moves: [Counter MT] [Barrier EM] [MudSlap TM] [Sleep Talk TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Taunt TM] [Rock Tomb TM] [Rock Slide TM] [WillOWisp TM] [FocusPunch TM] [Overheat TM] [FocusBlast TM] [Attract TM] [SecretPower Tm] [Teleport TM] [Toxic TM]

Pokemon: Jynx
Name: Saudaje [Female]
Nature: Careful
Ability: Forewarn
Extra Moves: [IceBeam TM] [Toxic TM] [PsychUp TM] [Protect TM] [SleepTalk TM] [Snore TM] [CalmMind TM] [ShadowBall TM] [EnergyBall TM] [Substitute TM] [Bubblebeam TM] [Wish BM] [FakeOut BM] [SweetScent TM] [Taunt TM] [GrassKnot TM] [Teleport TM] [SecretPower TM]

Pokemon: Flygon
Name: Lybel [Female]
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Levitate
Extra moves: [Toxic TM] [Flamethrower TM] [SunnyDay TM] [Solarbeam TM] [Iron TailTM] [RockSmashHM] [DefogHM] [MT Draco Meteor] [MT Outrage] [Stone Edge TM] [U-turn TM] [Roost TM] [Steel Wing TM] [Psychic TM] [Substitute TM] [Protect TM] [QuickAttack BM] [ThunderPunch MT] [HiddenPowerIce TM]
[paired with DarkAmethyst a.k.a angel-chan] URPG stats Ranger Log

Credit to Neo Pikachu for the avatar.
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